Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show us where you live Friday - Dining rooms

Once again it's time to see what Kelly and the others have at their house. I Hope you like my little tour.

The reproduction punched tin chandelier.

Wade collectibles in my china cabinet .

Looking out the dining room door. Bentley is keeping guard.

Eldreth Pottery Santa's. They are just hanging out here until next Christmas when it will be time for them to grace our mantle.

The dining room table. The oak table was built by our cabinet maker.

The high chair. Over it hangs an antique picture of Jesus at the door.

BT's nephew built this oak curio cabinet. It holds most of my cobalt blue collection.

This is my china cabinet. Why I call it that I don't know. All the china is actually behind the solid wood doors on the bottom. Behind the beveled glass doors is my collection of granite ware. I have plates to serve about 30. There are also tea pots, coffee pots, salad plates, saucers, cups, both big and small, sugar bowl, creamer, ladles, platters and more.

Pegs are always good for holding baskets.
That's my tour.


Carol said...

Very nice. You must be a "blue" person.

Sara said...

More blue! I love it. And I really like the beams and pegs with baskets.
Neat stuff!

Zoey said...

What a nice dining room with all that lovely wood.

I love the graniteware collection built in cupboard.