Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two bloggers meet

I awakened this morning at 5:00 AM with strong winds blowing. Rain started falling shortly after that. As I lay in bed, I said a prayer for the rain to stop. Today was the Blacksmith Association of Missouri meeting and I was to meet blogger friend Tammy in person. The event was for the most part outdoors.

We left the house before 8:00 and drove in a light rain most of the way. The meeting was in Ham's Prairie, Missouri. Shortly after our arrival the rain stopped and the skies cleared. The sun came out and a strong breeze blew all afternoon.
Hostess Ester was showing several of us ladies how to do copper relief, when I saw Tammy and Mr. W arrive. We quickly exchanged bear hugs and began talking a mile a minute. We soon realized that we had actually met many, many years ago,
possibly 20. I'm sure neither one of us had changed much.

As we walked and talked we came upon Ed's tailgating display. How he can cram, I mean place, so much stuff in that little trunk
is quite a mystery. I'd like to see him grocery shop with that trunk!

Here is Doctor Johnson blacksmithing. He was one of the demonstrators for the day. In his other job, he is a general surgeon. I'm sure his real
job pays more than a general blacksmith.

Ester and Ned served a wonderful lunch of BBQ brisket, baked
beans, 2 different cole slaws, chips and several delicious desserts.

After lunch, the business meeting was held. At the conclusion of the meeting the trade items were exchanged. As you can see in this picture there were some interesting things. BT had made a pinwheel. In exchange he received Ester's enameled anvil plate.

Sorry, the picture doesn't begin to do it justice. We are thinking we are going to hang it on a post at the end of our driveway, just under our house number.

After the business meeting many members headed home.
Tammy and I said out goodbyes, but not before Mr W and BT took our cameras and snapped a few pictures.

Those that stayed were treated to a demonstration of Ned showing
how he makes (in this case), aluminum castings. Here he is packing
petrobond into a wooden form.

This isn't a hobby that would be fun in July in Missouri. He is suited up completely in leather, including steel toed boots and face protection. The aluminum is heated to a liquid of 1550 degrees. He uses a heat sensor gun to see what the temperature is inside the foundry.

Pouring the molten aluminum into the mold.

Here it cools for 10 to 15 minutes before he breaks it out of the form.

The casting cooling on the ground. It will need to be trimmed and

Here is one of the signs Ned cast. BT won it in the "iron in the hat" drawing. He proudly mounted it as soon as he arrived at home.
BAM meetings are always a good time with good food and good fellowship. Today was extra special with meeting Tammy. Enjoyed the visit girlfriend!
And more this week, it looks like blogger friend Betsy and I are meeting for lunch!


Anonymous said...

Thursday is GREAT!! How about 11:30?? I work at Brown Printing downtown on Madison, across from the big glass building that is Central Bank!! :) I'm SO excited!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Wow, you did a GREAT job on documenting the BAM meeting! I enjoyed our visit yesterday! Truly the highlight of my week. Hope to see you again after our wild goose chase on Saturday. :) tw

Sara said...

Your blacksmith postings are always fascinating!
And that aluminum sign is so cool.

Jackie said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I just thought you and Tammy already knew each other! Have a great day!