Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lunch with Betsy!

The day finally arrived. It was time to meet another blogger friend in person.

I was about 10 minutes early when I arrived at Betsy's office. I walked in and they asked if they could help me. I said I'm here to take Betsy to lunch. Betsy was in the third desk and gave me a wave, saying she'd be ready in just a minute.

We gave each other a big hug and headed out the door to Arris's Cafe. This is the newest hot spot in Jefferson City. It is not only a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant, but in it is also a world market featuring wines, cheese, olive oils, pasta and spices. It is also a coffee shop and dessert house. What more could you ask for in our little town.

Betsy knew right away what she wanted. It wasn't her first time here either. She ordered the Vegetarian pita. Roasted red pepper hummus wrapped on pita bread with tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and authentic feta cheese and drizzled with spicy Tuscan olive oil. I saw Lasagna on the special and went for it. (I don't get that at home, the blacksmith doesn't like it) However, that was the dinner special, so instead I ordered the Spinach salad. French spinach leaves, boiled eggs, tomatoes, warm bacon, Parmesan cheese with Arris’ Blue Cheese Pecan Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.

She ordered a diet coke with lime, just like I like with my Mexican food. We girls are going to get along!

Lunch went way to quickly, we never shut up. We learned we knew a lot of people in common. I have to say this . . . my husband even went to grade school with Betsy's Dad. Okay so I'm old enough to be her Mom, but young enough to be her friend.

Before I took her back to work, I gave her a small gift the blacksmith had made. It's a Friedrich cross made from a railroad spike. By coincidence, the gift card I enclosed matched her hot pink shiny purse.

I dropped her back at her office and we promised to meet up again in blogger land. Thanks Betsy, it was great!

Before heading off for my grocery shopping, I stopped by the Yellow Moon Antique mall. I am on the search for an oak sideboard. I happened to find this awesome dresser for only $275. So far, I am nixing it in hopes of a bigger piece of furniture. But . . . it's still a possibility.

It was then my usual shopping. TJ Maxx, where I found a pair of gold hoop earrings. Then on to Kohl's, and finally the dreaded Wal-mart. While shopping there I got a call from the DIL, she needed to make a quick trip to town, would I watch the kids for her (all three kids). It's not very often that we get to watch the grand daughter too.

When BT came home he grilled some big fat hot dogs and I made beef and noodles. After dinner the boys wanted to roast marshmallows. BT had won a hot dog roasting fork in a blacksmith exchange and it worked great to roast 6 marshmallows at a time. I like to say one for each grandson and two for each grandparent!

It was a great day in the midwest!
8:40 PM 72 degrees.


Flat Creek Farm said...

What a perfect day you had! Glad you met Betsy, and your salad sounded SO delicious. I want one right now! And you reminded me about TJM - oh my, just so happens I plan to be in the area tomorrow (won't Mr W love that?). Hmmmm..! Directions to your house are packed, and hope to see y'all at least for a bit, sometime after our goose chase tomorrow :) Cute marshmallow pics btw!

Sara said...

Holy Blacksmith Forearms, Batman! ;)

Hey, we ended our Thursday on the same note: roasted marshmallows!