Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This week's project

Is it Wednesday all ready?

I am working on making a double bed size quilt out of 6 embroidered blocks. This is for Maryjane. Her mother, who is in her 80's embroidered the blocks for her.

I'm working on the triangle blocks now. I have 5 more to go. I will then decide what to do in the 4 corners.

I did this one last year for Maryjane's sister, Roseann. Same deal, their mother embroidered the blocks.
I just wanted to make them each a little different. My part is just the sewing. The girls then have them machine quilted by a classmate of mine.
Now I wonder, there is another sister in the Linnenbrink clan. . . .will Joanie ask me to do a quilt too? I can't imagine a mother doing blocks for just part of her girls.
How is your week going? Weird weather here in Mid-Mo. Yesterday it got to 91 steamy, hot, muggy degrees. Then storms rolled in. This morning it's 61.9, breezy and cool. Unlike yesterday when all the windows were open, only a few remain today.
Tomorrow is my lunch with Betsy. I'm looking forward to meeting another blogger friend in person.
More tomorrow.


Sara said...

Cool and cloudy out our way. I must always remind myself that the rain is good for the garden. Terrible for horseback riding though. And what's more important?

Love the embroidery and blue & white. Pretty!

Tipper said...

You are sooo talented-wish I could quilt like that. Neat that you got to meet Tammy-someday your going to come back to Brasstown-and meet me!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Patti, again I am amazed at your quilting skills!! I could never, I repeat never, tie all that together and make it look right. You have done just perfect on both! I love the colors, and everything you have done. Have fun tomorrow! Of course we'll expect a full report :) back to the cat search... me, oh my, this is wearing me down. -Tammy

Zoey said...

What great heirlooms you have made from their Mom's handwork. I bet the third sister will want one, too!