Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Raspberries are ripe!

What a beautiful weekend we have had. Even though it is the middle of June, we still haven't had the boat on the river. The weather just doesn't cooperate. Today we had clouds most of the day and the sky looked like rain. So far tonight it still hasn't happened. However there is a 60 % chance of storms tonight and tomorrow.

I took this picture to show you just how beautiful my pear cactus are. For you non-Missourians, you probably didn't know they grew here. Soon big yellow flowers will open. I'll keep you posted.

Here are just a very few of the wild raspberries we have growing behind the house. BT picked a nice bowl of them yesterday. I had one short trip to them and I'm paying for it now. Chiggers!

Saturday we had the grand kids. I still can't get use to not say "the boys". Anyway here we are enjoying our vanilla bean ice cream and fresh raspberries. Just after this picture was taken, the 5 year old took a spoon full that happened to fall on his shirt and roll down to his pants. "Crap" he said. All Grandpa and I could do was look at each other and laugh. Anyway he's my son's child. This won't make his mother happy.
Be sure and check out BT's blog for a video of him working today in his shop. He has made something for one of my blog readers. When I get her address it will be mailed. After she receives it, I will post a picture.
I leave you with the following video of Ms Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy it. It's mainly for Aunt Sarah in OK City, OK. So she can see how her little niece is growing. (See you later in the week Rosie!)


Flat Creek Farm said...

Princess is precious... she is really growing! Looks like she wants to move right outa' that crib. Sounds like you had a very busy and fun weekend with the kiddos... cute story about the 5 y/o!-Tammy

StitchinByTheLake said...

Isn't she a doll! I love raspberries but I never see them here. I wonder if I'm not looking in the right places. blessings, marlene

Sara said...

You guys are the best!!! Thank you in advance!

That hammer is cool! I can't wait to show Mark the video.

And watching that sweet baby girl doing those patented baby moves--My mama's brain can perfectly imagine picking her up, those soft sweet cheeks, the warm squishiness of baby perched on a hip.... good stuff indeed.
What a smile! She looks like you Patti! And growin' like a bad weed (which is a compliment, of course, you knew that!)

Betsy said...

Your granddaughter is PRECIOUS!!!! And yes, I saw the lot of 200 barbies for sale in the paper and I came REALLY close to buying!!! :)