Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Weekend

It was a busy day on Saturday, BT opened his shop early and invited some of the Missouri blacksmiths over. Terry and Joe along with BT forged all morning.

Joe's wife Phyllis, and I visited the morning away until it was time to put lunch on the table.

We ate on the deck. The weather was just beautiful with a nice breeze blowing. I served watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes for dessert. That really made it feel like a picnic.

Shortly after lunch Tammy and Mr W from Flat Creek Forge stopped by. There was a lot of metal being hammered in the shop.

After Joe and Phyllis left, Tammy and I went shopping at TJ Maxx of course. I found a gift for the daughter and her boyfriend.Tammy found a blouse. It was just fun to look and girly shop. We found lots of 5 and 6 inch spike heels but we passed on those. Tammy liked that I knew where all the mark down isles were.

When we arrived home we stopped by the shop. There we saw the items they had been working on. A Frederich cross, a bottle opener, a steak turner, 4 hoof picks, a hot cut chisel, a wizard door knocker, and a frog gig . . . and several beers had been consumed. We said our goodbyes to Tammy and Mr W along with Terry.

BT and I made BLT's for dinner and hit the recliners.

Sunday morning, it sprinkled off and on. After breakfast BT headed back to the shop to repair the lawnmower he broke. It's usually me who tears the mower up. Like the time I drove the wheel off of it, or the two times I mowed the blade off. This time it looked more serious than it really was. One belt was totally shot, so at the same time he will replace all three of them.

It was a lazy day for Bentley as BT worked in the shop. After BT played mechanic, he went back to forging. He made 3 new hot punches to use when making the wizards. Yesterday Mr W brought him some car springs to use when making gigs.

So for you Mr W here is the first one. BT was really pleased the way it turned out. Thanks for the steel!

I retreated to my sewing machine. I finished the quilt for Maryjane. With the fabric being on sale, it cost $33.50 for the fabric. I can't wait to see it quilted. However, I don't think she even has her name on the list yet.

I found this Fat Ladies Fruit panel when I was at a quilt shop in Sedalia a month or so ago. I thought the old ladies at Mom's assisted living center would get a kick out of it. I have more blocks left to make myself one.

It really quilted cute by going around the strawberry, avocado or bananas butts!

We finished off the evening by grilling some pork tenderloins. Gosh were they good, or I was just really hungry.

How was your weekend?

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Sara said...

Grilled pork tenderloins and BLT's! Excellent. We are pork-lovin' kindred spirits. LOL.

You must quilt like the wind! Wow!
And the gig is so King Neptune--neato!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Mr W is in envy of the gig - nice! He said if he made one, it would look more like a manure-moving tool than a gig. The quilt turned out great (dang, you are fast), and I sure do love that fruity bottom fabric. That is just great! Your mom & her friends will adore it!-tw