Friday, June 26, 2009


Today I took the grandsons to Red Cross swimming lessons. Oh how I wanted to impersonate a life guard. But after seeing those 17 year olds in a clingy swimsuit, I knew I couldn't pull it off. The temperature was 90 degrees and it was before noon. I'm sure the heat index was like 150.
This was their last lesson. Alex needs more work. Brady passed to the next level. At the end of class Brady was going down the big slide with a life jacket on. Alex, well he was clinging to the instructor. I don't know maybe he had a different motive.

Afterwards we went to Sonic for lunch. Brady lost a tooth while eating his apple slices. Earlier this week he lost one eating a cookie. Six down, many more to go.

Last week before our big road trip, BT hammered out some hoof pics while playing around in the shop. I knew Sara would like a pair so I sent them to her. Some poor horse gave up his shoe just to make these.

Here are my pink cone flowers. Kathy gave them to me last year and they are doing well. Of course an inch of rain every week helps them . (I wanted to crop this picture and use it as my header. Seems Window Photo Gallery is having issues. Anyone else having problems?)

Here is Great Grandma with Elizabeth. I took the baby to visit last week. Mom had such fun showing her off to all the residents of the home.

Several months ago, I participated in a "Pay it forward" challenge. I sent a wall hanging and 2 aprons. Monday I received this from Marlene. It is an awesome Church Ladies Apron. Better yet it's reversible. The reverse side is solid green and the pockets are made from John Deere fabric. (I'll wear it when BT isn't around, since he's a more partial to Farmall tractors).

It fits like a charm, even Bentley liked it. He was waiting patiently to see if there would be any chicken gravy left over for a treat.

Hope everyone keeps cool this weekend. Tomorrow the weather is to be the worst day yet, possibly a 3 digit day.


StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the hoof picks....I get fascinated with different tools that I see in antique stores. The apron looks good on you - tell your husband the John Deere on the apron was a free tractor and he shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. :) blessings, marlene

Sara said...

Loved the picks ;)! And they make such a pretty noise bumping up against one another.

That apron is quite lovely!
And that pool looks so inviting.