Sunday, December 27, 2009

Scenes from Christmas Day!

Elizabeth wants to tell you how sad she is that Christmas is over with.

Brady said I should show you how an 8 year old helps Grandma set up her new Wii fit plus.

Now that Christmas is over, Elizabeth is ready to go shopping.
What girl doesn't love to shop?

Alex, well he is just enjoying his new BHS hat.

Lori can't wait to get her new monitor all set up.

After that this is what we did. Here Bentley . . . leftovers from the girl in the high chair.

The kids posed for their annual christmas picture in front of their tree.

All this holiday stuff just wore her out.

Mother, Me, with the grand kids and my sister Lona at Mom's Christmas party.

I leave you now, to go reduce the age my new Wii fit plus made me. :(


Janet said...

Cute family photos! Looks like we got the same present - the Wii fit! We've been having fun, once we got over the shock of our wii fit ages!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I don't think my self esteem could handle the Wii fit! My cousin's new Wii told her she was too fat... ugh. I would like (and do need) the exercise aspect though :)

Love the pictures of your adorable grandkids! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. -Tammy

Zoey said...

It looks like everyone had a good Christmas.

Have fun with the Wii fit!

Life is good! said...

every one looks happy and content with their Christmas, even the dog. Have fun on the wii

Rita said...

Love the snowman wine holder! Love the Adam Puchta wine even better! Wish we could share a glass.

Valerie said...

Oh I want a Wii fit! I tried to hint but the kids didn't listen! Let me know how it works. Thanks for wanting to bless Granny.

Sara said...

As long as the Wii fit wouldn't tell me what an uncoordinated boob I am, it should be ok. It tells you your fat & old? That's not very nice!

Great photos. I can't believe how mcuh Elizabeth has grown! What a good looking bunch you all make!

Lara said...

What sweet pictures. I love the sleeping at the high chair. My little guy has yet to fall asleep in mid action. He is all play and no rest. Looks like you had a great Christmas.