Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Receiving an unexpected gift!

We had an unexpected package in the mail box yesterday.

I recognized the return address of Tammy and PW. They are known in the blogger world as Flat Creek Farm.

It was in a bubble wrap envelope marked fragile. Now I know PW and my blacksmith hubby are always exchanging something. I really didn't think there was too many things a blacksmith made in a forge that would be marked fragile.

I carefully opened it, but as quickly as I could.

Tammy is a very talented artist when it comes to making jewelry. I know I have two of her rings. My daughter claimed one.

Here is what I found.

It was two pairs of beautiful holiday earrings. A pair of snowmen, and a pair of Christmas bulbs, which included a bulb for a necklace. The pictures don't show you the sparkles. They are gorgeous! I plan to wear a pair to my work Christmas party tomorrow. I could even wear both pairs at one time, since my ears are doubled pierced.

There was a small packaged labeled for BT. It was a retirement gift from PW, also a blacksmith. It was a soup spoon made from a horseshoe nail. I can't imagine working with something so small and fine in a hot forge. The bowl of it is so small it might hold 1 pea.

The package included a Leaning Tree Christmas card, plus a signed picture from Ruby and Gracie.

Thank you Tammy and PW. It was a wonderful surprise. These are the first gifts we have received. They will go under our tree.

Now about the retirement gift, BT is retiring from his office job in 4 working days. For 36 years he's been working in the IT field. Now it will be full time Blacksmithing. I am so proud of him. To be retiring at 59 is awesome! Love you BT.


Rita said...

What gorgeous earrings! I have similar snowmen, but not as dainty. Love the Christmas light bulbs!

Sara said...

Whoa! Congrats to Mr. Blacksmith!

What neat gifts, too. Hey, aren't you a little overdue on posting about something delicious to make me drool? ;-)

Sarah said...

Wow, congrats on that retirement already!

We were just discussing him a few days ago when the topic of fireplace tools came up. :-)