Saturday, May 22, 2010


And it all started like this . . . .

The quilter and the blacksmith were married on May 23, 1970. Back then I was just an amateur seamstress. In fact I made my wedding dress, the two bridesmaids dresses, the two flower girl dresses and my going away dress.

(Do they still have going away dresses?)

It was my senior year of high school. I skipped the senior trip to Florida and sewed. The blacksmith, who would not be a blacksmith for about another 8 years, was just graduating from college.

So the thing to do after we both graduated was to get married.

Fast forward to last week, when our kids threw us a surprise party. It was held at Steve's restaurant, southwest of Jefferson City, out in the country. There they serve the best fried chicken and country cured ham, along with real mashed potatoes with milk gravy.

We had been told we were going out to eat for the grandson
Alex's upcoming 6th birthday (which by the way was only
3 days later).

When we arrived, the dining room only had about 5 tables full and they directed us to another door, which I knew led us downstairs to a party room. There were 35 of our family members and close friends waiting for us. Plus, daughter Sarah had driven in from Oklahoma City that day!

Here we are opening a beautiful glass 40th picture frame from Jeremy, Lori, Sarah and Rusty. (So sorry Rusty couldn't make it, as he busy reporting on the severe weather conditions in Oklahoma)

It then made sense to us why Lori had borrowed our wedding album just a month earlier. See the photos on the cake table.

Sarah had ordered a half white and half chocolate cake. Bless her heart, she got her mom and dad each their favorite kind.

Whe is was time to cut the cake, we made a pact immediately not to shove cake in each other's faces. So we cut it, acted like we were going to feed each other, and then put it our own mouths!

Bernie's mother folded up cash and hid it in confetti for us. Here we are searching through all of the confetti in the gift bag.

We received gifts of wine.

Two beautiful cobalt blue stemmed wine glasses.

Wind chimes from BFF, who thought she had a dream after she bought them that the blacksmith didn't like wind chimes.
To which her husband said of course he didn't like them. (He likes

The blacksmith's sisters came, Darlene and Karen and SIL Larraine.

His sister Grace was there to harass our grandson Brady.

His sister Janie (who was a bridesmaid in our wedding) was there to spoil our Elizabeth.

His sister Marla (who was a flower girl in our wedding) with her son Andrew.


Lots more were there, including my mother and my sister (who happened to be a flower girl when we got married). MIL came all the way from Texas.

The last photo of the night. Our family, minus Rusty.

We were just so proud that our kids did this for us. When I thanked the son he gave all the credit to his wife Lori and his sister Sarah. But to you kids I say THANK YOU.
And here's to many, many, more happy years.


katie said...

Congratulations, what a wonderful thing they did for you. Heres to many many more

Rural Rambler said...

Happy 40th Anniversary to you both!

Annie Jones said...

Happy Anniversary!

You have a beautiful family. :)

Stephanie84 said...

Time for your 2nd Honeymoon!! :)

Giggles & Bits said...

Oh, this made me cry...SO HAPPY FOR YOU! What a GREAT tribute to such an awesome and deserving couple! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

The Adams Family said...

Happy Anniversary!! I remember Sarah telling me about the surprise party!! Glad it went well and you had fun!

Sara said...

You two are a beautiful couple with a beautiful family.

Happiest Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

Congratulations! I love the cheek to cheek wedding picture. How sweet! Happy for you.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Congratulations on 40 years but also for raising such wonderful children. :) blessings, marlene

Flat Creek Farm said...

Happy happy Anniversary, BT & Patti. What a wonderful party you had, and what GREAT family you have for doing this for you!!! Very deserving celebration.. Congrats!! -Tammy

Janet said...

Congratulations! What a nice surprise from your children and their families! And I love your wedding photo!

Brandi said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :)

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary! I wish you many, MANY more years of happiness!

Down On The Farm said...

What an awesome event. How wonderful it was to have almost the whole family there. You are obviously well-loved. Forty years. That is a testimony to all the younger generation that it can be done. Congratulations to you both and I pray many, many more years together of health and happiness. You are an inspiration!

Rita said...

Made me cry too 'cause I feel so old!

Rural Revival said...


What a wonderful surprise and what a beautiful family!!

Happy Anniversary! : )