Monday, May 3, 2010

I just spent 4 days with Blacksmiths

We headed to Sedalia on Thursday for the 2010 Blacksmith Association of Missouri conference. Our first stop was Eddie's drive-in restaurant. They serve breakfast anytime of the day! I'm pretty sure the inside hadn't been updated in decades. They serve a goober burger there. It's a hamburger with peanut butter, tomatoes and lettuce. I passed on that as it was only 11:00 AM, I went for breakfast.

This is the BAM logo done in metal.

Not all blacksmith wear pants! George could pull this off quite nice, tat and all! These work kilts are not cheap! Pants would have been a whole lot cheaper. But not near as sexy.

This is the swine barn where the conference was held. It's an awesome old barn.

The storms rolled in on Saturday. The lightning hit and the power went out. If you look closely you can see the recloser is off. Luckily for us it was repaired in less than 15 minutes.

This grill was made by Clay Spencer, an awesome blacksmith.
He also teaches at John C Campbell folk school.

Flowers for the ladies, made by Pat McCarty.

Would you believe this coffee table was made by an apprentice? He's willing to sell it too!

Mona bought her jewelry. She does some beautiful work.

Basket classes were taught. Here Jenny and Carla show their baskets in the making.

Jo Nietfeld taught broom making classes.

An auction was held Saturday evening. Here Tim Ryan, who also teaches at John C. Campbell tries to pull a bidder in. I unfortunately gave Tim a duplicate bidder's number. Something that should not be done to the auctioneer!

To see more about the conference and more pictures visit


Dar said...

Very interesting entry. I have never been to a blacksmith convention before. They forge some awesome stuff. I love that grill and table and the faucet handle flowers are so cool.

Jackie said...

I didn't even know there was a blacksmith convention. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Gotta love the guy in the kilt!


GardenofDaisies said...

My niece stops in for a Goober Burger every time she drives to Rolla to see her bf.

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting, I will go take a look and thanks for stopping by.

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Stephanie84 said...

Sorry we didn't make it by the Pavilion. The girls had a softball tournament (think that happened last year too). Ended up canceling them 1/2way thru but then I ended up with company & couldn't get away. Maybe I need to drive your direction sometime for lunch! lol
Great pics!

katie said...

That looked like it was great fun.
I loved the bouquet made from outdoor faucet handles. Now you know I'm looking for some.
Never tried a goober burger, but have a brother in law that loves them

Deanna said...

What fun! Our son went to State Fair Community College, so at one point in our life we spent quite a bit of time in Sedalia. But I'll have to admit to never having a goober burger.

That is some might nice iron work. Wow.

Zoey said...

I have never heard of a burger with peanut butter - I don't think it's something I would like. Have you ever tried it?

Love that coffee table.

It sounds like you had an interesting four days. What fun!

Anonymous said...


Terri and Bob said...

Wow, I didn't know there was a convention for blacksmiths! Cool! I wanted to let you know that the Farmer's Market is behind Michael's in Columbia. They also have a website which will tell you what vendors they have. Hope you get to go!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Great coverage, Patti :) One of these years I AM going (PW doesn't believe me). -Tammy

Annie Jones said...

I grew up half an hour from Sedalia and later lived there for a few years and have never been to Eddie's. I have no idea why not, either.

I have had a goober burger, though. They aren't bad, if a person's in the mood for them, but not a burger I could eat every day.

I love that apprentice's coffee table!

Sara said...

I've eaten hotdogs with peanut butter but never a burger. Hmmmmmm...

The kilt is definitely out of my price range for Father's Day gifts :)

Really neat stuff and I love the swine barn.

Mel said...

How fun!!