Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zehender Auction

My $4.00 worth of sewing supplies.

My $1.00 antique Christmas light.

A neat 2 piece table cloth.
It was in the Christmas light box.
I'm re-gifting to one of my favorite SIL.

Old IH truck.

Part of the crowd.

A meat cleaver that sold for $110.00.

Hi wheel horse-drawn wagon. It sold for $2100.00.

Antique Santa.

This Christmas star was probably 8 to 10 feet tall.

A wagon of antiques waiting to be auctioned.

Chicken feeders.

Antique scale.

Antique sausage stuffer.

Campfire Marshmallow tin.

Copper wash boiler.

Cider press. It sold for $50.00.

Pie safe. It sold for $300.00.

Antique sled.


Nothing like my new washer.

Antique water shovel.

Shaving horse.

Corn stalk chopper.

Broad axe sold for $235.00.
Just another day in the country.


katie said...

Wow, now there was some old stuff there. How interesting, I love looking at auction stuff even if I don't buy.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I would have bid on that pie safe! Looks like I missed a great sale but what's a water shovel????

Flat Creek Farm said...

Loads of great stuff at the one. That Christmas light was a steal! I'm rather partial to that Antique Santa too. Great auction! -Tammy

Deanna said...

There is nothing better than an estate farm auction. There was some really old stuff at this one! I see you are a sucker for sewing stuff like me! My in-laws bought a pie safe very similar to that one for 50 cents. The only thing is, it was in pieces. Jim's dad put it back together and it is priceless. It sits in my daughter's house today.

Stephanie84 said...

Bet the kiddos here would flip if I brought home a wagon for the play yard! I would be "the bomb" childcare provider!lol

Sarah said...

First, what is a water shovel?

Second, why so high on a meat cleaver?

Nezzy said...

What cool antiques. I'm thinkin' I need to clean out some barns and the old dairy barn we have stuffed full and have an auction. I loved the apple cider press! Ya'll filled your sewing box for $4.00..woohoo!!! How great is that?

God bless ya and enjoy this beautiful day!!!

Zoey said...

What a buy at $4!

I kept looking at those pics and thinking, that would make a neat planter, that would make a neat planter.....especially the cider press!

Sara said...

I need that marshmallow tin!
Ok, maybe not *need*, but it would go well with my calf liver tin.

GardenofDaisies said...

I Love that Christmas star!!

Rita said...

Finally have Internet connection to read your blog. My maternal grandfather made that wooden Santa and we inherited it. My Dad made a sleight and reindeer to go with it and put them all in the yard every Christmas season for 40 years!