Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free shopping

Shopping is always fun especially when it's free.

You see 5 weeks ago I won (once again) on my friends Betsy at the Movies radio show. Every Friday morning on KWOS AM Radio she reviews a movie. They then have a trivia question and have a give away. (The answer is always B)

I won a car wash valued at $18.00, 2 movie tickets, and a $25.00 MasterCard gift card courtesy of Central Bank.

The car wash is long gone, dirty again.

But today I spent the $25.00, well most of it.

I first bought a new pillow for me. A $20 pillow on sale for $8.99, with the gift card it was free!
I had a free $10.00 coupon at Penney's. I found this $34.00 blouse on sale for $16.00, take off the $10 coupon made it $6.99, use the MasterCard gift card again. FREE
And I still have about $7.00 left. Maybe I will use it for a cheap car wash. No wait maybe I will try again Friday to win. It's been a month, I can try again.
Hello Betsy??? Pick caller #me!!


Rural Revival said...

That's the problem with car washes, they just don't last long enough!

Love the blouse!


katie said...

Way to go, there is just nothing better than free. Good luck on the next try.

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I picked the wrong line!! :( But, hey...CUTE TOP!!!! LOVE IT! :)

Nancy said...

oh...the best kind of shopping...when someone else pays!!

I used my Penneys coupon also and got a sale blouse...

Down On The Farm said...

Good for you!!! Have a great day and weekend!

Becky said...

I can see you in that top! What a great deal! Love free shopping.
Thought I was behind you in the drive thru at Arby's today (friday), but I don't think it was you. Got excited for a minute.

Deanna said...

I've always been envious of people who win the radio call in's. So that is you! Sweet dreams on that FREE pillow.

I just looked at your earlier post and am just amazed at the devastation the flood waters has caused in Nashville. It is a raw reminder to never underestimate the power of mother nature.

Gaby Marbo simplu said...

Nice to visit your blog... Hello from Romania :)

Sara said...

I think you're on a lucky roll. Better keep shopping with that 7 bucks.