Sunday, May 16, 2010

Somebody had a birthday party

Yesterday this little guy turned 6.

Wow how time flies.

Today we celebrated with a party.

The rain didn't stop his Daddy from grilling some awesome burgers and dogs.

(A big blue tarp helped save the day)

His Mom is is the best cake decorator.

She made him his favorite sport soccer cake.

Green and white being his school colors.

He got a new bicycle from his Mom and Dad


with the rain, I didn't get a picture of it.

The cutest thing he did, after dinner he asked if he could have a potato chip or a cookie from the counter. His mother told him since it was his birthday he could have a cookie.

Off he walks with 2 in hand.

Just about the time his mother was going to correct him, he called for his brother to give him one. That's the kind of brothers they are.

Stay tuned later this week for another BIG party report.

A party 40 years in the making.


Bernie said...

Happy Birthday Mr. A. Hope you have lots of fun on your bike, and your cake looks deliciaous...Hugs

katie said...

Wow that is a neat looking cake.
Great cookie story, what a kind child he is.
Hope the sun shines soon.

Zoey said...

It sounds like you all had a fun birthday celebration. Loved the cookie story!

We had grilled burgers last night, too. and oven fries. Wish I had some of that cute cake for dessert.

Anonymous said...

"Just about the time his mother was going to correct him, he called for his brother to give him one. That's the kind of brothers they are."

Boy those kids must have some fine parents.... ;)

Lori said...

what an adorable young man! Happy birthday to him!

Anonymous said...
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Dar said...

Alex is such a cutie...Happy Birthday buddy. Looking back a bit, I LOVE the rubber boots...the auction was right up my alley...Hubby made me one of those stars that hangs in the peak of my all of it.

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Janet said...

That's one awesome cake!

Nezzy said...

Happy, happy birthday handsome dude! What a wonderful birthday cake for the birthday fella. Thanks for sharin' his party.

Have a beautiful day and may God bless it!!!

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday to a very handsome, lucky, young man. Loved the story. Loved the cookie story.

Deanna said...

Oh, and I'll bake you a cherrie pie anytime you say the word!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Happy Birthday, handsome young 'un! Cute cookie story :) We'll stay tuned for details on the next partay :D -T

Sara said...

What a great recap. (Oh, what I wouldn't give for a grilled burger and hotdog right this second.)

That cake is im-press-ive!

sigh. The cookie story was swell :)