Sunday, December 26, 2010

A few of my favorite things . . . and some so not.

Let's start with the not so favorite thing. Miss Elizabeth got sick Christmas Eve day. She continued it through Christmas day and today is finally keeping things down. This was supposed to be one exciting Christmas for her. It was a chore for her to even try to unwrap any presents.

And now her Grandpa has the flu.
As for favorites, just look at Alex's face when he opened his first BB gun!

Brady's face is beaming too, opening cartoon videos. This is exciting for them as they don't have cable or satellite TV.

At least we got to share some precious moments via the web cam with Sarah and Rusty. They look on as Elizabeth opens her doll.

A family meal together is always a favorite thing.

This is what the little Casita looks like outside now with all the snow.

I love this red granite coffee pot. It is just what I wanted to go in the Casita too. I'm doing the inside with red accents. Thanks Sarah and Rusty.

Jeremy and Lori got us this indoor/outdoor digital thermometer for the Casita. Jeremy thought it through enough that we just have to put a small cable outside to register. That way there is no driving off, with the sensor flying behind.

14 bars of homemade soap arrived Christmas eve from my cousin Mindy in Kailua Hawaii. She makes the most awesome soap. I will share it with my sister too.

A gift from the grand kids via their Mom. Adorable!

For my last favorite thing, it's a new tradition. The blacksmith's Mother has always made Danish Twist for Easter. I asked her if it was a sin if I had made it for Christmas. It's our new favorite thing!
Hope you all got lots of favorite things for your Christmas too.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Lovely Christmas Patti! We have one of those thermometers for our camper too and just love it! blessings, marlene

Deanna said...

My biggest fear is someone getting sick on the holidays, because it has happened so often and it spreads like wildfire. I sure hope everyone is better.

The gkids look mighty happy with their presents. The granite coffee pot is perfect for the camper. We have one of those thermometers in our bedroom. It is nice to wake up and immediately see what the temperature outside is like.

katie said...

Patti, looks like you had a good Christmas.
Sorry to hear Elizabeth became ill.
Love the red coffee pot. You are going to be so ready to camp this spring. Clever idea about the thermometer. You can look at the temperature and decide who builds the camp fire first thing in the mornings.
Merry Christmas
Hope the sickness makes a fast exit.

Rural Revival said...

Sorry to hear the sick bug is passing through your house, the Artist succumbed this morning to something similar.

It does look like you had a wonderful Christmas, your cousin's soap looks very lovely and the little Casita in the snow is beautiful!

Be well

Karen said...

I am STILL coveting that camper, just adorable and I bet so much fun. I hope to do the same someday.

Hope the baby is feeling better and the grandpa too, sure you YOU don't get the flu.

Stephanie84 said...

We too felt the wrath of the flu before, during & after Christmas. UG! So sorry for the baby. Not fair. For me it's an occupational hazard but this one was the pits. Unwrapping our gifts this evening.
Paula Dean has lots of red cookware in case you haven't seen it. Happy New Year!

Sarah and Jack said...

Poor baby, it seems everyone has pukitis.

Anonymous said...

Merry Merry!!!! :) I'm LOL at the "I asked if it was a sin to make it at Christmas..." You CRACK me up!!!!! LOVED seeing you the other day!!!!

Glenda Laine said...

Oh, Patti, I know the PAIN of seeing snow on your Casita. It just ain't right!!! Love your red coffee pot — we have a blue one like that. Also, we've had TWO indoor/outdoor thermometers for our Casita. Just drove off & left the first remote sitting on the belly band. Duh! So I put the sensor for the 2nd unit in a baggy with the sensor end hanging outside to test for humidity & butterfly clip it to the step now. I won't miss it there as putting up the step is the last thing to do before moving out.

Zoey said...

I am so sorry Miss E was not feeling good for the festivities. It looks like everyone did end up having a good time despite the illness.

Love the red coffee pot--perfect for the casita.

I hope Grandpa is feeling better soon.

Brandi said...

It all sounds fantastic, except for the little one and grandpa being sick. Bubba got his first BB gun too... hope all the neighborhood cats stay clear. {kidding} ;)

Lori said...

Looks like so much fun! and I'll fight you for that red granite coffee pot! :)

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Poor Gpa and Ms. E! I love all the photos! Your doing your camper in red? Mine is orange! Have a great day Patti!

Rural Rambler said...

Patti it looks like a wonderful Christmas was had there. Sorry Elizabeth and her Grandpa got the sickies. CH is a sickie too, he got it Christmas Eve late. Respiratory, no stomach stuff. It didn't keep him from eating!

That poor little cute Casita looks lonesome out there. Makes me want to throw a blanket over it!