Monday, December 20, 2010

Still counting down

Here is the manger set I have used for the past 40 years. This too I bought. I purchased it at
T. G. & Y. where I worked while in high school. When I purchased this set it had a crib with a music box in the back of it. I still have that crib but it resides in the attic. My brother-in-law Pat made this oak crib for us several years ago.

On the piano are a few fat Santa's just waiting for the big day. Above it hangs a tapestry I had framed about 17 years ago. The frame was made by my co-worker Travis, using left over oak trim from our house.

Reindeer? Well that is what the blacksmith calls them. To me they are deer. Anyway they stick around all year on the bookcase, minus the greenery and Christmas lights.

I got my first deer shortly after we were married in a gift box from the Blacksmith's grandmother. Most these are Morton pottery that were sold in 5 and 10 Stores, aka dime stores. A lot of them have the price written on the bottom in black grease pencil. The original deer is marked 59 cents. I can always tell which deer came from Grandma, as it has a green and white cracker jack whistle left on it's neck.

And these are a few more of my favorite things.
Now on to baking sugar cookies. The new mixer worked like a dream!


Karen said...

My mother had the same manger, which I loved to set out. At the time we lived on SI, a suburb of the city. I loved that there was HAY and barn animals in our never mind the baby Jesus.

Deanna said...

How did I miss seeing your "rein"deer? I remember each and every one of the stores you've mentioned - of course.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I love all of your collections and decor. And they all have such cool stories! Also, I didn't know you used to work in a TG&Y. We had a nice TG&Y here in Moberly so many years ago. I loved that store. I have a little piano music box that "little John" (the fiddler) bought me (with help of course) for Christmas when he was about 4. So I know the store was here 24 years ago, but not much after that! Enjoy that mixer!! -T