Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wearing my coat pays off!

If you know me, I like to go to auctions. Today was one of those days.

It was an indoor auction for the most part so I decided to wear a light jacket. It was between 2 coats. I asked the Blacksmith which one and he chose this one.

Now I've had this coat since Feb of '09. I talked about it here.

I had only been at the sale about 10 minutes when someone tapped me on the shoulder. He said "excuse me", and pointed to my back, "were you the one showing the blacksmith items on a blog"?

I'm sure my face lit up because someone had recognized our business! I said "I sure am". We talked a bit and then he started talking about his sister in law from Arkansas. I said, "wait a minute are you talking about Marlene"?

"Yes" he said "do you know her"? "I sure do, we are blogger buddies". I forgot to tell to him, that I even have an apron I won from her blog giveaway. I wear it weekly.

I explained that when she was up from Arkansas week before last we were to get together for coffee, but missed each other.

He was going home to call her.

Small world!


Ann On and On... said...

That's a cool story... I love the blogging world. :D

Barb said...

How fun is that....just awesome!!

Tipper said...

How neat is that!! So cool when you can connect with another blogger-or someone knows about your blog. Just like I think it's so neat that you've been to Brasstown-and that Tim Ryan was out there not to long ago-it makes me believe me and you WILL meet in person one day : )

(adorable little hat stealer below!!)

Mimi said...

Small world indeed! Awesome story!

katie said...

Love the jacket. Great advertising. Wear it every chance you get that it is warm enough. Too cold today to even go outside.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

And you know my FIL! It is a small world!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Mike called me right away to tell me he's met this woman....I immediately said, "Patti!" He just laughed..."you and your blog!" I knew you'd run into each other one of these days and isn't it funny that it was the Blacksmith that really led to it. I had shown he and Sherry the Mason jar candle holder - I want one! Oh and Sherry wants one and her daughter wants one. Are they done? blessings, marlene

Zoey said...

What a small world indeed!

You never know who reads your blog.

That has never happened to me. I think it would be a very strange feeling!