Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thrift shop buys

Today the Blacksmith and I went to the resell it shop. We were on a mission to find holiday sweaters. You see there is another Sisterhood party this Sunday. If you are curious as to what the parties are all about, please click on that link.

The hubby found this beautiful red felt hat!

It will match both of these sweaters. One for me and one for the DIL.

I even found the little granddaughter this cute outfit. The purse is to die for, it's a Liz Claibourne and are you ready . . . it cost a nickel!
Our total bill was $7.35 and we walked out with a smile. I'm taking him shopping with me again. He found both of the sweaters while I was shopping for Elizabeth!
Stay tuned, party is just 4 days away!


Karen said...

I love your vintage santas header!

Flat Creek Farm said...

What steals and deals! PW is a good shopper too.. if I can just drag him along more. I love that little "Liz" purse.. simply adorable. Love the header too! -Tammy

Zoey said...

a nickel! That purse is adorable! As are the sweaters, etc. I can't wait to hear about the party.

Deanna said...

What fun! What buys! There is nothing better than thrift store deals - and you sure did get them.

The Sisterhood event sounds like a lot of fun. I had to read back since I wasn't reading your blog a year ago.

I can't wait to see pictures from the event.