Sunday, December 5, 2010

To Oklahoma and Texas and back

It's been awhile since I posted. Last week was a busy week.

We left Monday for Oklahoma. After a six and a half hour drive we arrived at Sarah and Rusty's house. We unpacked and visited for a while. Soon it was dinner time. Rusty and Sarah treated us at Zarate's Latin Mexican Grill. The place was very colorful with flags from several countries. Items from those countries decorated the wall as well. I had Feijoada (Black bean casserole). It was served with YucCa fries. It was a hard decision between the casserole or fish tacos.

Tuesday morning, Sarah and I headed out to do a little wedding shopping. We were in search of a dress for me and dresses for the flower girls.

We first went to the fabric stores, thinking we could find the perfect fabric for the flower girls dresses. Our first stop was Hancock fabrics. Oh how I wished I had time to look at all the quilting fabric and notions. Our search for dress fabric was unsuccessful.

So it was time to check out the bridal shops. We found things that would work, but not the perfect dresses. While strolling through Dillard's and Penney's, we found a dress that would work. It almost mimics the bride's dress. Therefore I will not show you any pictures. I will tell you it was a steal! The dresses were holiday dresses and were on sale for half off!

While in the mall I found what could be my perfect mother of the bride dress. So not to spoil Sarah's big day, I won't be showing you that picture either. Although I didn't buy it yet.

We arrived back home about 2:00, picked up the guys and went Christmas Tree shopping. Shopping for a live tree in 30-40 mile an hour winds was a bit of a challenge. The blacksmith and I ended up in the hospitality house sipping spice cider while the young'uns rode a golf cart in search of the perfect tree.

This was part of the area in which they were searching.

After the tree was chosen and fallen (by Rusty) it was time to choose a wreath.

They needed a small tree and this one fit the bill. It smelled a lot like the Missouri Eastern Red cedars. However, it was a cross between some Alaskan cedar and something else, which I don't remember.

Here is the finished tree.
After the tree was decorated we were ready for dinner. Once again, Rusty drove us. We went to Cajun King restaurant on the suburban northwest side of Oklahoma City. It's served buffet style. The food was hot and delicious. Red beans and rice, file gumbo, jambalaya, fried chicken, collard greens, crawfish etouffee, blackened pork chops, bread pudding, and more were our choices. To the table they also delivered hot catfish and beignets!
Needless to say, we were stuffed when we left!

Wednesday morning, we had an 11:00 appointment to see the Oklahoma City Civic Center, where the wedding will take place. This was the view out the big windows. If you enlarge the picture you can see the ice rink that was been set up for the holiday season.

This is the hall of mirrors where the ceremony will take place.
Wednesday night was our down time, time to sit and relax. Sarah made dinner for us. Our time here was too short.

Thursday morning, we were up early. We woke Sarah, just to tell her goodbye, and we hit the road for Groom, Texas.
It was a 3 hour ride to the blacksmith's mother's house. She was waiting for us to arrive. We hadn't seen her since her surprise trip to our 40th wedding anniversary party in May.
Almost immediately, she offered us pie and coffee. Now, who could resist her homemade pies?
A cherry pie and raisin pie awaits us.

Of course I took raisin. It's always been one of my favorites.

And then just a couple of hours later we had to have dinner. Did I tell you that my MIL is one fantastic cook? Her mashed potatoes have sour cream, cream cheese, butter, and milk in them. Need I say more? Just look at the roast beef, the homemade hot rolls, green bean casserole, oh and the creamed turnips! Another one of my favorites!
The days spent in Texas went way too fast. Unfortunately, my step-FIL became ill and we spent the last day in the hospital. I had to call 911 early Friday morning. We are praying for his healing and for tests that will be run this week.
The drive home on Saturday took over 11 hours. The wind was terrible and I'm sure the gas mileage was horrible. But overall we had a good trip. It's always nice to see family.
Now it's time to get some holiday decorations up.


Dar said...

I would loved to have gone to Oklahoma and Texas and back with you. My lil sis is in TX and especially now through the holidays, I miss her terribly. Your dinner looks like More.

Jackie said...

Sounds like a good trip. I hope your FIL is okay. What fun doing all the wedding shopping!!


Dar said...

You conjured up memories of shopping with My daughter for her wedding dress. Fun, but exhausting all in the same breathe.
You folks sure know how to eat, all my southern favorites when we visit Colleen in TX. My prayers for your Mom's hubby for a speedy recovery. Have a wonderful Christmas season. Take time to breath-something I haven't figured out yet.

Deanna said...

It sounds like a whirlwind tour - a very successful one. It has been totally hectic here too. Can't wait to see your dress. The wedding will be here before you know it.

All of that food is making me hungry. I hope your FIL is doing better.

GardenofDaisies said...

Sounds like you had a avery productive shopping trip and found dresses that would work for everyone!
Yum, your MIL's dinner and pies look delicious!

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a great, fun and delicious trip! (except of course for the 911 call & all). Prayers for your FIL! -Tammy