Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Rehearsal

We arrived in Oklahoma City at 1:30 the day before the wedding and we hit it running.

It took an army of family and friends to get the room decorated. The Civic Center Music Hall was the place to be, more importantly, the Hall of Mirrors located on the second floor. A description of the hall from the Civic Center web site . . . "This grand historic ballroom on the Grand Tier level of the Civic Center Music Hall boasts original 1930s architectural styling and elegance. The 5,000 square foot room, with breathtaking views of the downtown skyline, makes for an inviting and functional space for weddings. Parquet wood floors throughout the room allow for flexible seating models, and a built-in stage with staircase is the perfect place for presentations or entertainment."

Son Jeremy would place the ribbon on the chair and the women would finish the bow.

Daughter in law Lori tied her fair share too.

Kealey, the maid of honor and her mother Sandy, (who came from Iowa) helped to tie some on too.

In the end the tables were beautiful.

Sarah and Rusty were now ready to get this party going.

After a great Italian dinner and some awesome Tiramisu it was gift opening time.

The flower girls were given the book bags I had made. They each got their own initial charm bracelets too.

Brady was excited to find a DS game in his bag.

And I'm pretty sure Alex was excited too, he just didn't show it.

We were given a Flip video camera. This was a complete surprise to us and something we didn't expect. However with that said, we will have a ball with it for blog entries. We can now video the Blacksmith's demos, the craft fairs, the dog, the camping trips in our little Casita, and of course, the grand kids.
We locked up about 8:30 and headed for the hotel. However, the partying got started there again. The bar was open and the drinks were rolling. We crashed about 11 and left the fun to the younger ones. After all, mother of the bride needed some beauty sleep.
More to come!


Marge said...

Beautiful.....quit teasing and give us the whole wedding!

You and the blacksmith make a handsome couple!

Barb said...

That room is so amazing....

Deanna said...

Since when do the parents get presents?!?! Awesome.

Covering those chairs and tying all of those ribbons looks like an awful lot of work.

It's a shame that Alex wouldn't smile and show a bit of excitement lol.

So far everything looks perfect. Can't wait to see more.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

The photos show a lot of planning and hard work went into making it a beautiful wedding! Your daughter looks so happy. You and your hubby look great, too!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I'm loving this! Keep bringing those wedding photos on! Flip camera is on my wishlist too. Can't wait to see all the cool videos coming from Osage Bluff :) -Tammy

Zoey said...

I am still laughing over Alex not showing his excitement!

I love chair covers at weddings. They really make everything look so nice. I would hate to have to tie all those bows!

Nice gift - though I never knew that parents got gifts. It must be a regional tradition. They certainly deserve it after all the work they usually do.

So green and purple must be the colors...I am so excited to see the next post.

Anonymous said...

oh wow the pictures are breathtaking. You have a beautiful big family :o)

Val said...

I am so behind on your post!!! I love all of this!!!

Rural Rambler said...

Everthing and everyONE looks happy and beautiful. I love the colors! Love the bows on the chairs.