Thursday, March 31, 2011

Roamy's last day in Mid-Missouri

Today the Blacksmith and I took Roamy to visit the capital city of Missouri,

known as

Jefferson City.

You can read all about our journey at The Roaming Gnome.

You've heard of a talking horse, of course, but have you heard of a talking gate?

I sat Roamy on the gate and all of a sudden,

I hear "Can I help you Ma'am?"


there's not a person in sight.

I said "No thank you, I'm just taking a picture."

"No problem then", the gate said.

Oh security these days!

I would bet the Governor wasn't even home,

I saw him on television later in the day.

I then went to the

Governor's garden behind his house,

(public area of course)

just to see if the tulips were talking to me.

But sadly, it's time for Roamy to move on.

His time here is up.

He was a great guest to entertain.

He eats little, and sleeps soundly.

Safe travels.


Karen said...

You took such good care of Roamy, and what a great city. I really enjoyed your photos...

Annie Jones said...

Oh no! Roamy almost got busted at the Guv'nah's mansion!

GardenofDaisies said...
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Zoey said...

I am sure Roamy enjoyed his stay with you.

I went to Roamy's blog and read all about where he has been the past few months.

That guy sure does love to travel!