Sunday, March 6, 2011

The wedding of an almost daughter.

I talk often about my BFF.
So here I go again.
Her daughter, who is like my daughter too, got married on Saturday.
So here's a few pictures.
The back of the dress was BEAUTIFUL!!!!

What a beautiful couple they are!

My BFF with her hubby and daughter.

Now aren't these just the cutest napkins?
I made all the table runners and napkins with Deanna's serger.
(Thanks once again Deanna).
The BFF's boss, made these cute folded napkins and has graciously agreed to repress them for a wedding I have coming up this weekend.
YIKES I've got a wedding in 5 days?????????

Beautiful flowers.

Beautiful cake made by the bride's great aunt.
It was a beautiful day!!!!!!


Lori said...

How beautiful! all of it! Can't wait to see your wedding next!

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a beautiful wedding! PW & I will be anxiously awaiting pictures from your wedding. Will be thinking of you!! ;) -Tammy

soggibottom said...

Love to see a happy wedding :-) x x x

Barb said...

Thanks so much for sharing this wedding, it was just gorgeour, the dress, the cake...everything.

Zoey said...

What a beautiful bride and wedding.

You must be exhausted from planning for both weddings! Can't wait to see next week's pictures.

Dar said...

What a pretty wedding...all of it. Love her dress. Good luck with your upcoming wedding. Take a deep breathe,....can't wait to see all the pictures. Don't forget your camera!

Deanna said...

Beautiful! I want you to teach me the secret of folding those napkins. I don't guess we will see you again until after this weekend. Everything will go beautifully!!!!

Marge said...

Beautiful wedding! Black and white makes such classy decorations. Can't wait to see the next wedding!

Rural Rambler said...

Beautiful pictures Patti! What a lovely wedding, lovely couple and how nice you and your BFF have such a wonderful relationship. Your wedding coming up will be perfect and you all will have a wonderful time celebrating this awesome occasion. Just make sure those pretty shoes you bought make your feet happy and if they don't, kick them off. I can see you doing that, why didn't I think of it. Awaiting pictures! Good luck and have fun :)

Val said...

Oh I love seeing weddings. This is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see the pictures from your wedding.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

A beautiful wedding! The bride is so pretty and the gown, cake and decorations are all gorgeous. And you have a wedding this weekend, too. I know it will be beautiful and you'll have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see the photos. Have fun!

Jane M said...

Beautiful!!! Be sure to let me know when you havbe pics of Sarah's out there!!!

Karen said...

Beautiful couple is right! And I LOVE their color choices!!.... That dress is gorgeous too.