Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Branson and Silver Dollar City

The next part of our vacation took us to Branson, Missouri. There we spent 4 nights, just us and our little Casita. However this park had lots of RV's, some even looked pretty permanent. Rates were $18 a night, including cable, if we had only taken a TV.

We arrived on Monday about mid-day. After getting all settled in, we went for a little dinner. It was then to the Presley's music show. It was a grand show, but my pictures weren't.  :(

On Tuesday we checked out a bunch of antique shops, and the Branson Landing. I also stopped by the Quilts & Quilts shop for a couple pieces of fabric.

Wednesday morning we were up before the crack of dawn! It would be our first trip to Silver Dollar City in over 30 years. 

We even dressed the part. You see the blacksmith was lucky enough to hang out with another blacksmith, Pat McCarty, for the day. 

It was so much fun watching him hammer for the crowds of people. 

I spent the biggest part of the day watching my friend, Mary Jo McCarty, weave baskets. Of course in the end I had to buy one. 

See the scare crow?  He's a real person! He stood at attention at the entrance, that is until he found a likely candidate. I laughed so hard. It was hilarious seeing grown men scream! 

 It was the Craftsman's Festival. Here we watched the wood carver/master painter.

A wooden rolling pin was being turned here.

Skillet dinners were everywhere, and each one was different. Now this is one large skillet of fried potatoes.

On the square there was music almost every hour, each group performed 4 times through out the day. I could listen to these cowboys singers all day long.

 This group told stories and sang too.

It was a wonderful day. A little chilly, but thanks to Mary Jo for lending me her wool shawl and Pat's hand forged shawl pin I kept warm. Just before closing we paused for a group picture.

On Thursday we went just south of Branson to Hollister.  There I ran into a childhood friend and had a nice visit. They were in the area fishing. While in an antique store, the clerk was eating her lunch. We asked if she had enough for us because it smelled so good. She told us we could get it next door in the hotel. 

So this is where we went. 

This is what I had!  The best chicken and dumplings! 

More vacation stories with lots of music, next time!


Marge said...

We've been to Branson and have seen a couple of shows, but we haven't gone to Silver Dollar City. Now that is on my list! Looks like you had fun.

Anke said...

Hubby and I went to Branson almost 25 years ago. I have fun memories of the place and would love to take our girls there one day. :-)

Janna and Mike said...

Your photos brought back many fond memories of visiting Silver Dollar City--I may have to take my cowboy there sometime.

Lise said...

Looks like a great few days! And you guys really did dress the part, you look awesome:) That huge skillet of potatoes looks delish, as do your chicken and dumplings...glad your time there was memorable:)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Patti, looks like a great time. I'm sure SDC had changed quite a bit in 30 years! We were at SDC weekend before last. I didn't see the scarecrow, he must have decided not to scare old ladies. Haha! And I don't remember seeing the basket weaver, darn it. I think we must have missed a few turns in the park, it's easy for me to get lost there even as many times as we've been.
I'll be back blogging soon, maybe even tomorrow. Enjoy The Great Pumpkin Day!