Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Highlights from our trip to Oklahoma

We took off for an eleven day trip. Let me tell you about our first stop in Perry/Pawnee Oklahoma.

I won the grand prize at the Oklahoma Blacksmith conference! This quilter doesn't know how to use the tools, so I gave them to my blacksmith. However I am keeping the tool box. It's beautiful!  I can see all kinds of fabric, quilting magazines, and patterns in it.

This quilt in the making, was on display at the blacksmith conference. It is on the cover of the John C. Campbell Folk school catalog

We found a camp ground finally . . . seems oil workers and pipeline contractors had filled all RV parks to capacity. We had to back track 30 miles to Pawnee. On a tip from an RV park manager, a call to the local police department secured a sight for us at the city park. 

It wasn't known until the last day, when we visited City hall, what our fees would be. $12 a night was the cost. What a bargain.

It was then on to Branson.  More on that next time. 

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Lise said...

Wow, your own personal campground, at such a bargain price:) Your prize box is awesome, I bet B was thrilled with his new tools, or at least I hope so. Can't wait to see how you fill the box!