Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rutledge Flea Market . . . was a BUST!

We left the house at 7 AM , drove 124 miles, to what what billed as Missouri's oldest largest consecutive flea market.

It was mostly a disappointment. The shacks, abandoned trailers stuffed full of junk, and stands that had been in the elements for years ,were mainly not our type of stuff. There would be a vendor and then 3 or 4 empty spaces, falling down tables, or tarped covered tables flapping in the breeze. 

 I spied this ball churn which was pretty awesome, just out of my budget.

 Same way with this coffee jar, original lid and all. 

I saw these traps and thought my son would want them. Come to find out they were over priced, very common ones. He wasn't interested in them either.

 A shed full of tools. Good luck if you wanted one on the bottom. 

 Rows of grinders made a nice picture.  The rest of that shed wouldn't!

 Rows of what had been nice post vises, rusting in the elements. 

 Neglected and broken anvils also rusting away.

 This made my heart ache.

 Then I found all these wringer washers and they were under roof. CrAzY!

Such a tiny little machine, it was whining to go home with some one. If only we could have gotten it out.
Seeing all these bicycles, reminded me of my Dad. He repaired them for years. This month he would have been 100 years old. 

So we left the flea market, not wanting to eat any of the food there. We found a local cafe in Edina, Missouri, "Lucky's".

You should have seen the look on the blacksmith's face when they delivered this tenderloin sandwich!!!!!! All for $6.50.

This was our last stop on the way home when we arrived in Jefferson City.  You see on our way to the flea market a dump truck threw a rock. It did a double hit on our windshield. We suffered two chips on the windshield.  The truck only has 7400 miles on it, almost new!

The good news of the day, our insurance company was called, and because we were getting it repaired, they covered it all.

Life is good, regardless!


Deanna said...

I've been to that kind of flea market. What a disappointneent. I'm with you on the sewing maching. So sad! It looks like the restaurant in Edina saved the day.

We plan on calling you tomorrow about JCC. I found out yesterday that my author blogging buddy Vicki Lane teaches there... just not this year.

Terry said...

How sad to see those old sewing machines just wasting away! :0(

Lise said...

What a day you had! But just think, if you didn't go there, you wouldn't be able to let the rest of us know it isn't worth the drive (especially for me, LOL). I'd like to have seen B's face, that was probably priceless, but what I want to know is...did he eat it all? Hope you are well my friend:)

JerryC said...

Really hate it when things don't go as planned. We once had a churn like the one pictured, and I have a post vise outside my shop. As you said, so sad to see those many items which could still be put to productive use rusting away. And, who wants a wringer washing machine? Awesome sandwich:-)

Zoey said...

At least you got a good blog post out of the adventure. :) Did the blacksmith like his meal?

Flat Creek Farm said...

I am so behind here! (We won't even talk about my lack of blogging). Enjoyed catching up here though. I love that house in your latest post! Silver Dollar City and other trips too were very cool. Your purty Casita is really being put to good use! -T