Sunday, April 27, 2008

Auction day

We were awakened early, because the grandsons stayed all night. No sleeping when they are in the house. Brady wanted to play Wii, but I said no. They had cereal and muffins for breakfast, got a quick cartoon and we dropped them off at their house before 9:00.

There was an auction we wanted to attend. It started at 10:30, and it's always good to get there early. The stuff there was so interesting. The items belonged to Laura Raithel, she had never married, and had lived in the same house all her life. They never threw anything away.

One of the best things we bought was a 1926 Calendar from the blacksmith shop in Wardsville. BT has a lot of the equipment out of that shop.

I bought another Oak wardrobe. There were several things I lost, 2 items being from Tweedies shoe Factory that was located in Jefferson City. One was a proclamation from President Dwight Eisenhower thanking Tweedies for their war support. Then there was a box of Tweedies Ink blotters, missed them too. I did get several pairs of Tweedies shoes. I also lost the bid on a box of fabric, 35-36 in width, each piece had a lot of yardage on it, and there were 12-15 pieces.

We stayed until the sale was over, sometime after 6 PM. We were tired from standing on the concrete all day. Dinner was just cream cheese with jalapeno jelly, deer sausage, a mixed drink for BT and hot tea for me.

Bedtime now, 47 degreees at 10:44


Tipper said...

Oh what fun. The best ones are usually where someone has lived there for many many years. I wish I could have been with you. Love the wardrobe!

Glad you had a good trip on Friday too-sounds like fun.

jfm1963 said...

I like that wardrobe! Doing any refinishing to it or leaving it as is? That calendar is in nearly mint condition!

jfm1963 said...
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osagebluffquilter said...

BT will refinish the wardrobe next winter, down to golden oak. As for the calendar, it's really is near perfect, has all the months untouched. I framed it today.
thanks for stopping by!

joe said...

If you are interested in getting rid of any of the shoes you purchased please drop me and Email.