Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wish you had been with me Friday!

Today I was up before 6 AM, by 6:50 I was waiting to pick Kathy up at the auto garage. We dropped Mac off at school and went on to pick up Kathy's Mom, Doris, and her Mother in law, Roseann. We were headed to Columbia for Speaking of women's Health seminar.

We arrived there just after the doors opening at 8 AM. We picked up our name badges and huge gift bags in the lobby and headed in to see the exhibits. There were booths representing L'oreal, Special K, Dove Chocolates, Alka Seltzer, Maybelline, Speakers were selling their books, State Farm Insurance, Eye exams by Wal-Mart, Free re-usable shopping bags, and even a continental breakfast. The booth with the longest line, we never made it through, it was a picture booth, and the hats and boas were there to take your picture with.

Shortly before 8:45, we took our seats in the auditorium, there we listened to the first speaker of the day, Dr Joyce-Morley Ball, her topic was Discover Your Everyday super Heroes. Today she was my hero, she is the youngest of 14 children and was talking to us instead of attending her sister's visitation and funeral. She said she had done all for her sister that she could while alive, and after her death she couldn't help her in more, because she was in more powerful hands now.

10:15 we were free to visit the vendors and pick up more freebies as well as enjoy refreshments. On the way to our first session, Doris and Roseann needed a bathroom stop, and I offered to hold their big bag of goodies. Some lady came by and laughed at me, said I was a perfect “bag” lady, and if she would have had a camera she would take my picture. I said I have one, so she quickly snapped this picture. At 10:45 we had classes to choose from for an hour lecture and question time with a professional. Kathy and I chose “Discover the 'super powers' of smart skincare” by Dr. Karen Edison.

At lunch time the four of us met in the lunch line. When we were let back into the auditorium, the tablecloths had all been changed to bright orange, with hot pink gift bags courtesy of Maybelline and L'oreal, of course full of free gifts again. The meal was beautiful plated, with our dessert positioned behind it. (Sorry the picture is blurry).
Main Course-Margarita Steak: Pan-seared Petit Tender in a tequila-chili pan sauce, sliced and served on a salt-rimmed plate with Pico de Gallo Salsa and a slaw of crisp tortilla strips, cabbage and sweet peppers.
Bread- Freshly baked assortment of dinner rolls including poppy seed, wheat and sour dough.
Dessert-Amaretto white chocolate mousse in a chocolate shell with a fresh strawberry garnish a top a raspberry glaze.

During our lunch, they gave out numerous awards. Then Jackie Walker gave the keynote speech titled “The Psychology of Your closet”.

When lunch was over we had a few minutes to kill before our next Breakout session, I quickly found Teresa Snow, one of the Emcee's who happened to be a form co-worker of my daughter's. We had a very nice visit.

I then went to a session titled “You and Your heart, what you need to know by Dr Mary Dohrmann. After that hour long session it snack time, fresh fruit, and drinks. We then had the Afternoon keynote speaker, Linda Larsen talking on “Becoming your own Everyday super hero”. Oh and I forgot to mention when we came back to the auditorium, there was another gift box for us filled with goodies. As the afternoon concluded, we were told if we completed our survey and turned it in out front, we would get one more gift.
Where is what I came up with for "loot"

Large zippered bag, with outside net pockets and two should strap handles
Black cloth re-usable shopping bag
black nylon backpack bag
$10.00 Wal-Mart Gift card
Pink zipper make-up bag
1 roll Viva Paper towels
1 roll Scott Extra soft toilet tissue
1 pkg of 16 Kotex ultra thins w/wings
1 pkg of 30 Poise Ultra Thin Panty liners
1 box Cottonelle Pop-up Flushable Moist Wipes
L'Oreal Revita Life Complete Lotion
Nylon zipper pouch w/Anti-viral Kleenex, purse size
L'Oreal Vanilla Scream Smoothie shampoo, 9 oz.
Garnier Soft curl cream\
Garnier Ultra-Life anti-wrinkle Firming serum
100 ct One A Day Women's vitamins
Cure for the cause bracelet
Alka-seltzer Immunity Complex tablets 10 ct.
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Maybelline Shine Seduction Lipcolor
Erase-it cleaning pen
Lint brush/mirror
Mirrored compact case/pill container
eye glass cleaner with cloth
Wrigley's doublemint gum
Lighted magnifying lens
Credit card size magnifying lens
2 thermal Coffee mugs
Ceramic coffee cup
4 by 6 inch silver star Picture frame
Balled massager
Pkg Spicewine Ironworks beef marinate
April issue of Inside Columbia Magazine
May issue of Inside Columbia Magazine
Love Note to Our Moms Book
Life Begins and Ends with Girlfriends Book

As we walked out of the hotel, it had been raining and the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees since when we entered in the morning. WOW!

This was a very fun day and I thank Kathy for asking me to go. It was a very well $35.00 spent.


jfm1963 said...

You should have called I would have gone along! Looks like you made a haul!

Zoey said...

What a great day and only $35--Wow. Just look at you loaded down with all those gifts!

I love that pink/orange decor, the Margarita steak sounds wonderful and that dessert---YUM!

“The Psychology of Your closet”--
MMMMM, I wonder what my overstuffed closests say about me?

I have to go catch up on the rest of your new posts.

Anonymous said...

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