Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Saturday we were out the door with caffeine before 8:30. After stopping for gasoline at $3.28 a gallon we headed for Excelsior, Missouri to a Mennonite auction, almost 40 miles from our home.

We arrived just before it was to start at 10:00. Inside the barn, the tables were filled with all antique metal toys. Ranging from match box, to scaled down tractors, trucks, airplanes, all the way up to toy riding tractors and pedal cars. The only thing not related to the toys on the auction were butter churns and 2 anvils and a forge. We decided to leave because the anvils would probably be the last thing to sell.

Back in the car we drove over hills, across creeks, up hills, around sharp curves and 19 miles later we arrived at a farm sale. Just as we were walking up the auctioneer said it was 6 minutes until he started and first to go were the things in the barn lot. Did I tell you it was drizzling and the lot was very muddy, plus the gravel road the sale was on was almost minus the gravel. So I tell BT , I will get the bidder number, he should go to the barn lot. He knew there were two post vises listed on the sale bill.

I was able to pick my bidder # and I chose 52, since 52 was a very good year for me. Luckily the 2 vises were in great shape and sold within 20 minutes of the beginning of the sale. I asked the clerk for the tickets and walked up the hill to the cashier and paid as BT was loading them up.

It was still early so we decided to go back to the 1st auction. Another 19 miles back.There my bidder # was 82. We stood around and watched the toys sell for high prices. It was nothing to see a metal truck go for $150. About noon, the auctioneer stopped and said it was time to sell the anvils and forge outside. They sold for more then BT could make a profit from. We drove the 1/2 block to the Mennonite grocery store. Outside a young man was tending his wife's bake sale. We spied homemade cinnamon rolls, and told him we would be back after shopping inside.

Without getting a basket, BT and I did $38 worth of shopping, including homemade Strawberry jam, Jalapeno jelly, bulk barley, Smoked cheese, a great meat fork for Sarah, 10 lbs. of potatoes and sorghum. Outside we picked up our Cinnamon rolls and there I found a package of homemade tortillas! What made by the Mennonites?

40 miles later we were at home. BT diced bacon,fried it with some onions and I added the eggs. We ate Breakfast taco using our fresh made tortillas. Yes Rita, he did, even though the whole time he kept saying I don't get this whole tortilla thing!

As soon as we finished our breakfast, lunch and dinner meal at 2;00 in the afternoon, we zoomed back out the door to St. Thomas, 5 miles from here to see the garage at Tom Monat's. For some history behind the garage, this building was built by BT's grandfather Albert Monat on the family home place many years ago. Tom is tearing it down and making way for a new bigger garage. Tom was operating his skid steer when we arrived. I snapped a few pictures for remembrance.

By the time we made it back home, we had used almost 1/2 tank of that expensive gasoline. I managed to get a load of clothes in the washer before we headed off to church at 5:30. another zoom of 5 miles one way.

We snacked on the smoked cheese and deer sausage while watching TV. It was an early bedtime for us.

Another piece of history hits the dust!

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Tipper said...

Wow! You had a busy day-but it sounds so fun and interesting. Wish I could go to a Mennonite auction.