Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Go Green Shopping bag

For my quilter friends that read this
do any of you have a great pattern
for a reusable shopping bag?
If so let me know.

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Buddy the Cockapoo said...

Our company is about to debut at the in NYC on the last week end of April. We make reusable shopping bags that are flexible fashionable and socially concious. All of our bags are made in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina Survivors. In fact all of our vendors are outsourced there. We wanted to give new business and jobs to a struggling economy in New Orleans. Our bags hold twice as much as a plastic bag because they are flexible and they bounce when you walk so whatever you are carrying seems lighter.The website is not done yet but we are almost ready to hit the streets. Stay tuned! Joan Elmore
PS part of our proceeds go to Hope House in New Orleans a charity that feeds,trains and helps the homeless find housing.