Monday, April 21, 2008

Morel hunting with the grandsons

Sunday we slept in, I got up around 8:30, BT got up about 10 and shortly after that the little boys called to see if they could come over and spend the day. I told Alex we could go mushroom hunting, he thought that was good since his Daddy had told him he found some over here one time.

I was making breakfast tacos when they arrived at 11:00. (Yes Rita, i got him to eat them 2 days in a row). Brady was ready to play Wii, but Alex was willing to eat a second breakfast with the old folks.

We were out the door by noon. This was our first stop between the house and the barn.
We then started down into the big rocks. The boys love to climb on them as the pictures show. Even Grandpa got into the act. Before long it was fun on the rocks and we all forgot about mushroom hunting. In the end Alex and I went back to the house, the little guy had enough of the weeds and rocks. Brady and Gpa continued on the hunt.

Final count 13!

Okay here is my favorite picture of the day..............

We took the boys with us to the neighbor's for dinner. They enjoyed jumping on the trampoline with McKenzie, while Eric, Kathy, BT and I visited. Little Colten was napping. Eric fried turkey for dinner outside on the deck, it was a beautiful evening with a view of the river.

Back home the boys got in a few more games of Wii, before their Daddy came. Then he had to try the Wii. Of course he also had to out do us with his big mushroom finds.

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Tipper said...

Now hunting mushrooms is something my girls would love!