Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clearing up stolen idenity before sewing

Monday morning didn't start as I wanted it to. Friday evening before going to bed I checked my checking account on-line. I noticed a $9.75 charge on Thursday. I asked BT if he had used the debit card, to which he said "no", and neither did I since I had worked all day. Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, I called the bank. They couldn't get into the complete file since it was a weekend and suggested that I call back Monday morning.

9:10, I called the bank, they conformed the charge. It was made with our debit card # in Boston MA. Melanie gave me a phone number associated with the charge. I promptly called it, got a recording made by a female with a heavy accent. I hung up without leaving a message. I googled the phone number, and saw more then I wanted to see. It was a scam! Other people had left their responses that their account had also been charged $9.75, it appears to be a bookstore front. I called the bank back and they put a stop on our account and reissued our debit cards. BT and I had been talking back and forth so I called him back and he went to the bank, located about 1 mile from his office and filled out a dispute charge form. Whew!....now I can get to my sewing.

I bought a cute little sleeveless dress for a wedding Saturday and just in case it's cool, I wanted a short jacket. I could find nothing in the stores to suit me so I am making one. It's outrageous what a pattern cost these days ($15.95). I tried to get it on sale, ended up buying it 40% off. (Hobby Lobby coupon!) But look at the bias tape I used on it. Can you believe the price on it? .25 cents Those bargain days are gone. My late dear aunt Faye had given me 2 shoe boxes of old trims. It always comes in handy.

Now here is my early spring view out my window when I sew. It only gets prettier as spring fills out.
For today's foodies, I fried up the mushrooms that the little boys found, and then scrambled me an egg and filled my last two homemade tortillas for lunch. YUMO! Dinner was fish taken from the freezer that BT had caught and flash froze, we also added fresh homemade french fries and coleslaw. Another YUMO!

After dinner we took our 2 mile walk around the lake and enjoyed the beautiful evening.

PS A friend sent me this link regarding Earthquakes. Check it out.


Tipper said...

Scary when someone is messing with your bank info. Once someone from Russia got my brothers info and took out over 1,000 bucks. Of course he got it back-but was such a hassle-it made all his checks bounce that month. I love the view out your window!

Zoey said...

How scary to have someone in your checking account!

I only buy patterns when Joanne's has the $1 or $2 sales - $15 and up is totally ridiculous!