Friday, June 27, 2008

Back in my element

Having the week off, I finally found time to sew. YIPPEE!

While searching my wash boiler....okay who doesn't have little hiding places for their things? I found the following.......

My mother who is 83 years young loves to embroidery. She does all these quilt tops and blocks and gives them to me to put together and quilt.

The one on the left has 12 blocks which I will set together with the Polka dot fabric both on the front and back.

The Teddy bear quilt, I found some red pin dot fabric, which might even be vintage fabric. I will use that for the backing and the binding.

Isn't this Froggy one cute? She has done a couple of these. I had some leftover binding so all I had to buy was the backing.

Here are 12 cross stitch blocks that I am setting together with 9 paper-pieced hearts. I also had this navy fabric from way back in my craft show days.

I even made this for myself on Monday. I was mad that I didn't come across the coffee bean fabric until after I had it pieced. I will make it into a wall hanging and use my new magnetic curtain rod to hang it on the refrigerator.

Another thing I made was a fabric postcard for one of my blogger friends. I can't show that picture yet. After she receives it, I will show you too. I want her to be surprised. Here's a hint...her blog is listed as one my favorites.

On a sad note.....Yesterday at Wal-mart, their fabric department is completely gone! They still have notions.

I did a run through cleaning of the house this morning. It will be a busy weekend. Son and DIL are leaving this afternoon for a float trip and we will watch the boys all weekend. I just pray Gma and Gpa can keep up with them!

Have a great weekend.

Now back to sewing for a few hours.

10:14 AM 79 degrees.


Tipper said...

Love all the quilting fabric. My girls have just started to embroidery-and they love it. Whats up with Wal-mart? Surely they aren't getting rid of all their fabric sections.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should go back to work, (don't tell your boss I said that). We are having a festival at our church tonight, which includes a raffle. One of the items is a quilt. I haven't seen it yet.Your's are totally prize winners.
I can't believe you have a wash boiler just like the one I brought home last month from my folks. Mom used it as a canner when I was in elementary school. Yes that was a good number back. I forgot it had a lid, I wonder what happened to that. It looks like copper. I haven't cleaned it up yet, I'm really not sure what to use on it.
Those lucky boys, I would like to be your grandchild for a weekend, what a blast!