Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Busch Lake 1953

This is my Dad and me 55 years ago this summer. This happens to be the lake behind my house now. When we bought a land here 15 years ago, Mom gave me this picture. I followed my Dad everywhere. I remember one time I got so mad at him. I was a thumb sucker for many years and one day he painted my thumbs with turpentine. Mom said I wouldn't talk to him for days. In the end, I still suckedmy thumb. Sadly I lost my Dad almost 8 years ago. He is never far from my thoughts.

Osage County 1986

Here Jeremy's Dad shows him a lesson of life, he is the best father any son could ask for.

Current River 1986

Just like his son, his daughter also worships her Dad, here they share a quiet time fishing and eating peanuts.

Fall 2007

Finally, the son now grown with children of his own, and his boys think he is so cool. Like his Father he is a great Dad too. I am so fortunate to have all of the above in my life, plus some.

Happy Father's Day!


Tipper said...

I love love the picture of you and your Dad. So special. I really like how you laid this post out-especially the ending. Really nice.

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day BT and Jeremy too!
Now those photos are some special and happy thoughts to think of before hitting the sack. Awesome.