Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A nice relaxing weekend

Saturday we worked around the house, BT cut some weeds as seen here. He also sprayed lots of poison ivy along our driveway.

We went to my work and picked up 3-55 gallon barrels of mulch to put in Bentley's dog pen.

After showers it was church at 5:50 and LaBamba...it was a 2 Marguerite night for me! Thank goodness we shopped at Lowe's before dinner.

Sunday we slept in and then read the paper on the deck with lots of coffee being consumed. I made breakfast burritos for breakfast only to find out later that is what Jeremy and the boys had too.

At 1:00 we loaded up the boat and took off up the Osage River. Gosh was it quiet. I don't know if the river rising or the high gas prices had anything to do with it. However it made a very quiet, enjoyable day on the river for us. Only one visitor came, he like my hat and my ankle.

We only saw about 5 boats and 2 jet skis. Oh and 1 Eagle. (Which I didn't get a clear picture of either). There was one boat fishing along the bank, it turned out to be BT's sister, Janie and jer husband.

Back home by 3:30 BT grilled some brats while I made a pasta salad. Here is what Bentlety does best on the deck.

Brady had a T-Ball game at 6:30 and we made it there before he did. Tonight he played his best, he ran after almost every ball hit.

What a nice relaxing weekend.


Tipper said...

Looks like a fun weekend. I bet the gas pices do have something to do with the quiet.

Dana said...

Having lived in MO for many years the thought of spending some time on the Osage sounds heavenly.

So, you have been to the Folk School?? Isn't it heavenly!!