Friday, June 20, 2008

First Day of summer 2008

Just about the time summer arrived today, 6:59 PM, we were roasting marshmallows. Okay so I was out of the big ones, we used the mini ones. BT found bamboo skewers in the drawers and that's what we use. Did the little boys mind? Does it look like it? You have to try the mini's, they get creamy all the way through. Trust me Grandma and Grandpa had their share.

Earlier in the afternoon the boys and I took a 4-wheeler ride and found Lewis cutting hay. Does this say summer or what?

I pray and hope that this summer brings good things. Like visits with Sarah and Rusty, river time with friends and neighbors, picnics with the grandsons and BBQ with all our kids. What do you have planned?

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Tipper said...

My plans are like yours-except I would add enjoy no middle school HOMEWORK!!!

I love love to roast marshmellows. Hubby doesn't like them-but he does all the work for me!