Monday, June 30, 2008

Her New Years Resolution was to have more family time

Tonight she got her wish. Who you may ask, BT's sister Grace. You see her husband Dan and niece Mandy arranged a surprised 50th Birthday party for her at Steve's Family Restaurant. It is located just a few miles west of Jefferson City on route C.

31 of Grace's favorite relatives showed up. I forgot to tell you, it backfired on her husband Dan, as it turned out to be a 50th B-day surprise for him too.

After a great meal of Country fried golden chicken, Country cured ham, real mashed potatoes, homemade milk gravy, green beans, Cole slaw, applesauce and Central Dairy Ice Cream
they opened gifts. Here Grace is trying to read through her magnifying credit card. Dan is holding onto his new depends.

Afterwards we were all outside saying our goodbye when someone on the balcony above started yelling for Grace. Oh no, it was Cousin Ron, who couldn't believe he could view the tops of so many of his cousins heads.

And as we were leaving, Grace just had to get a birthday hug from big Brother BT.

Back at home, here is a beautiful picture of my pink lilies. I really don't know the name of them. My Mother in law gave me a start of them many, many years ago. She had gotten them from her mother. You have to take them inside in the winter here in Mid-mo and then set them back out in early spring.
79 degrees 10:12PM

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Tipper said...

A double surprise-now that looks like fun.