Thursday, June 5, 2008

The turtle that almost got away....

Tuesday I ran to town for a weekly supply of groceries. While in town I met Lori at LaBamba! From there I took Alex with me. We made one last stop at the meat market and then headed home. While driving I gave Alex the cell phone to call Aunt Sarah in Oklahoma City. It was a bad connection and when I took the phone I couldn't hear her, so I hung up. About a mile down the rode the comment from the 4 year old in the back seat was, "Maybe Aunt Sarah needs to buy a new phone".

While little Alex took a nap, I put away groceries and sewed two toss pillows for the niece. When he woke up I was making fruit dip using 8oz. creme cheese and a jar of marshmallow creme. Here he is licking the beater.

Wednesday Alex came at 8:30 to stay while his Mother worked in the morning and had an appointment in the afternoon. After he ate his lunch I gave him the options for his dessert. He choose a soft Molasses cookie. I told him "oh that would be good with his milk", little did I know he was going to dip it. Awe to be young again.....

After Lori and Brady came to pick him up, BT and I were having a drink on the deck before dinner. BT was having a brown water, a Smirnoff with a slice of lime for me. I went in once to check on dinner and saw a huge snapping turtle in the front drive way. So I go and tell BT, he said call Eric, he wants one for the shell. I call Eric and he said well it wasn't good timing, he was busy. BT tells me to call his friend Kenny. I call and get Janice, who will tell Kenny and said it would be near dark before Kenny would come and get it. So while I am putting dinner on the table BT goes to the barn for the wash tub, brings it to the front yard and fills it will cool well water. He puts Mr Turtle in there, and we go in to eat. About 10 minutes later I look out the window and the tub is upright, and empty, water and all. So we go on a search for the turtle. It is no where to be found. So we call Janice and tell her it's an escaped turtle.

It is now Thursday. Maggie and I go to the local greenhouse and arrive at 8:01, for their sale. But on my way out of the garage, for some reason I do look down before I step out of the house, just in case there is a turtle lurking about.

By 10 I am on my way to town to do a little clothes shopping. I hit the jack pot at Penney's along with my $10 free coupon, I find 3 pairs of capri's and a blouse.

Once home, I put on my garden clothes and Bentley and I are working in the front of the house. All of a sudden, he is in the garage, growling and barking. He's found Mr Turtle! He is under the red flyer wagon. I went and called BT and told him to call Kenny, the turtle has reappeared.

About 7, Kenny came and got his turtle. He plans on frying it up in a week or so. He will save the shell for Eric, so in the end both guys will get what they want.

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Tipper said...

I love to make that fruit dip. What a big turtle. We have lots of little ones around here and a few big mud turtles. A few weeks back me and the girls went on a hike and found a small one that had paint on its back. I was surprised but the girls new all about it-seems my neice decided when she let her pet go to mark it so no one would hurt it. Those things can travel.