Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy week

BT and I have been off all week. We keep joking it's a practice week for retirement. The good news is we have gotten along all week. Bad news is retirement isn't close enough.

Monday afternoon we packed a cooler with sausage, cheese, crackers and drinks. We then loaded Bentley up and hit the river. My what a peaceful afternoon. We walked the beach and sat and watched the water flow by. There wasn't another boat on the river until we pulled in to the bank to take out. We saw one boat with 2 guys fishing.

Jeremy, Lori and the boys came over to fix a birthday dinner for BT. They bought T-Bones and Rib eyes. I made the salad and the potatoes. Of course we had BT's favorite cake, Chocolate with white icing. More on the high light of the night in next weeks blog......stayed tuned.

Tuesday we worked on the deck. First we applied a stripper, then a cleaner. BT worked in the blacksmith shop later in the day. He made a shovel for Jeremy's BBQ grill. I cut some grass.

Wednesday we put one coat of stain on the deck before noon. Thursday weather permitting, we will do another coat.

BT went back to the shop after we ate a late lunch or early dinner. He made 4 steak turners out of railroad spikes and 2 hand shovels for the flower beds. I made a baby doll quilt for little Josey. I had made her a quilt when she was born, she is now 3.

We delivered 2 steak turners and the baby doll quilt to Jeremy. We had to take a picture of Brady with his frog gig Grandpa made for him. He asked last night when he saw little bothers picture that we needed to take his picture. Then we took one of the hand shovels to Kathy. She thought it was too cool to use.

Back home we sat out front and watched the hummingbirds till dark.

73 degrees 9:51 and still sleeping with the windows open!

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tipper said...

Glad you and BT enjoyed your week! The shovels he made are amazing! They look so sturdy and I'm sure they are.

I've sent you some emails-just to say thanks for comments-but they've been coming back to me.