Monday, August 18, 2008

The Weekend 8-16/17-2008

The weekend started at 4:30 Friday when I called for a carryout at Pizza Haus. Friday is BT's early day off and he was at home. I had hoped to BBQ, but rain was threatening. I had tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes to can, so I wanted a quick dinner.
Before bed at 10:30, I had 13 jars of Chili sauce made, and 2 loads of laundry finished.

Saturday after an early breakfast (okay 9:00 AM for food is early for us). It was so cool out, I turned the AC off. Tomatoes were awaiting me. I hadn't even gotten half of them finished yet. This time I made Spaghetti sauce. BT finished installing the new gate hinges.

He then made Alex a frog gig. Or as Alex says “Frod didder”.

Jeremy and the boys arrived to show us his “new” 1949 Bantam trailer. It is sweet. (Is that an adjective to describe a trailer?). The boys came to the house with me. Later I made us all grilled ham and cheese sandwiches on Sour Dough bread. After lunch Alex went down for a nap and I went back to the tomatoes. By quitting time I had another 13 jars canned.

We went to church at 5:30, stopped by the grocery store for more canning supplies and then went to LaBamba where son, wife and boys meet us.

Sunday we woke up to cool morning, it was 60 degrees in the house. BT joked about turning on the heat, the day after we had turned off the AC. I made BT a breakfast sandwich while I had a bowl of fresh peaches with a sprinkling of sugar.

BT started packing up for his annual Squirrel hunt. This has been a tradition for the past 35 years. Him and a life long friend camp for the entire week on the Current River in southern Missouri. When they started it was a 3 day thing, gradually it developed into a week long hunt.

We cleaned up and drove 5 miles to St Thomas Catholic Church for their picnic. We meet our priest in line and bought his dinner ticket with ours. We visited for about an hour before our numbers were called. The food was well worth the wait. Golden fried chicken, roast beef and all the trimmings including Sauerkraut cooked with potatoes. Of course you had your choice from two 8 foot long tables as to the kind of homemade pie you wanted.

BT's hunting buddy called and said he would be ready to go by 4 PM. As you can see by this picture, they have a wagon with their supplies. This is the modern version of a chuck wagon plus. They have nicked named it the wienie wagon. It has everything including the kitchen sink. While they loaded up, I took this video of Bentley playing with a frog. I am as afraid of them, as he seems to be. They have always been the thing I am most afraid of. (Don't worry PETA, the frog got away).

After the guys got off, I went back to the kitchen, by the time I was finished I had canned 6 jars of ketchup, 6 of plain tomato juice, 18 jars of chili, and 8 of spaghetti sauce.

The good news is, I am finished. The bad news is, there are more tomatoes on the way.

I crawled in bed early, knowing I wouldn't slept well with BT gone. It will be a long week without my sweetie.

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