Thursday, August 7, 2008

Colten's 1st birthday

It's been a busy day. The little boys stayed with me while their Mom went to their Great Aunt's funeral. That lady will have a throne waiting for her in heaven. She was the mother to 14 grown children.

The boys and I watched Cartoons, made a tooth fairy pillow for Brady, played outside, had lunch, went to Aunt Lona's pool, and played Wii. While the little one slept, I worked on a quilt and also made a bowl of homemade Salsa using the fresh tomatoes from the DIL. (Brady lost his first tooth last night. He actually pulled it himself after he went to bed.)

At 5:00 their mother picked them up. BT and I packed the boat and met the neighbors at the river. We first had to wish little Mr Colten a Happy First Birthday. It was then time to head up river to Luebbering's Island. There Eric grilled hamburgers. Colten was like a turtle on the rocks and in the water. Nothing stopped him, rocks or water.

We stayed until after 8:00 and then tied the boats together and floated down river for a mile or two. The cloud bank was beautiful and as we were watching it a small plane flew over.

Unfortunately we all have to work tomorrow so all good things must come to an end this evening.

9:42 79 degrees.

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tipper said...

Colten is a sweetheart!! The tooth fairy pillow sounds neat. Glad yall had a great evening.