Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Go Green

It was so hot Tuesday! I had to cut grass in between showers. That's shower for me in the house. It took me 3 tries to get it all cut.

Therefore I didn't want to spend my extra time outside, as neither did my black Lab Bentley. So I put him in his kennel in the cool basement and I went to my sewing box.

There I found 4 pairs of jeans that had been put back after laundry. All 4 pairs needed major patching. Remember those days when Mom would patch your jeans and your brothers jeans. Man did we hate to wear those patches. BUT in this day of going green, I just couldn't see throwing them out and buying the "Blacksmith" new jeans to get dirty in the shop. So here is what I did in the heat of the day.

How did you spend your day?


Tipper said...

The Blacksmith and you may just start a new style! We've been putting up corn. We did shuck it all in the basement to try and stay out of the heat.

Zoey said...

They look great to me! I am always zigzagging my husband's jeans. After a while there is no fabric left. Then I stick a patch on the inside and zig zag over that. He only wears them outside around the house.