Sunday, November 23, 2008

A busy Saturday

I was up just after the crack of dawn. Okay maybe it was a little past that time, what ever. Coffee and cappuccino was made after I dressed and I was out the door with the Garmin, headed to my girlfriends house in Hartsburg.

We were headed to the Booneslick Trail Quilter's guild 2008 Quilt show. I had talked to a fellow blogger, with thread in hand and she was coming from half way across the state. I emailed her back with what I would be wearing. Unfortunately I got her reply too late and I didn't know what to look for. The Expo center was packed with quilts the best I could tell there were 398 showing. Not all were big quilts, some awesome wall hangings too.

About twenty-one vendors lined the outside of the room. My favorite booth was Liberty Homestead. I visited it more than once. I wanted the Farmhouse Blanket Babies book. But I just couldn't justify it. I did take their card and will keep it for future reference or ordering!

We spent several hours looking at all the quilt. Now if I can just figure out how to post a video of all the pictures I took, I'd be happy.

For lunch we stopped by Olive Garden. It was onto some quick shopping after that. First a stop at Micheal's for a bag of bottle brush trees. Here is what mine look like after I bleached them. Visit the Misadventures of Mama and Jack to see what she does with these trees. Here is what Bass pro was next for a camouflage sweatshirt for BT. One last stop at a quilt shop for a piece of fabric for the DIL.

I was back home by 4 and took a little rest before fixing dinner for BT.

By 6:30 I picked up the DIL and we went to Dreams to Reality fund raiser. The mission of Dreams to Reality is to help low-income women of Missouri to meet their employment goals and build self-confidence by providing appropriate interview and business apparel, motivation and follow-up support. You were made to feel like a celebrity as you sampled delicious foods, tried tasty drinks, sampled spa services, and shopped, shopped and shopped. I won the first door prize given. A picture frame. Lori and I both got a chair massage. Grand prize of the evening was a $1000 piece of jewelry, 2nd place was a trip to Las Vegas. We are still waiting for them to call us! We made it home by 10PM. A long day for me.

Check back, maybe after some quality sleep I will be able to upload those pictures. But in the mean time check out the blog I mentioned with thread in hand. She knows how to load pictures.

9:49 PM 40 degrees.


Tipper said...

Sounds like you had a fun time!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, you gonna dye those trees?