Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cold weather means soup and Deer Season

Does the cold weather make you want soup? Here is my daughter's health report from KSBI TV. I'll let her tell you about it.

Deer season started Friday night. Well the hunting part started Saturday morning 6 :00 AM. But we all get to go to the cabin. Usually the men do the cooking. But for some strange reason I got rooked into it. I made a big pot of Posole and another pot of chicken and rice. I didn't think the grandsons would like the spicy one.

BT was the first and only one to take meat on Saturday. A nice doe. The son got an 8 point buck on Sunday and his cousin Trevor shot a 9 point.

Season is open all week. Saturday night a friend cooked 4 huge slabs of ribs all afternoon for us. Gosh they were the best! I fixed buttered turnips, Larraine made deviled eggs, Macaroni and cheese and baked beans. We had lots of desserts, 3 different cookies, rice crispies treats and apple pie.

Sunday BT quartered his deer and placed it in the extra refrigerator in the basement. We will process it ourselves in a day or two. He then brushed hogged our lane. I watched the boys and made a pot of Beef barley soup and corn muffins to take back to the cabin for dinner.

After having the flu Thursday night and Friday, then deer camp all week end, I need a vacation? Got any Calgon?

9:20 pm 49 degrees.


Tipper said...

Wow how neat is your daughter?!! We are all going to deer camp next week for thanksgiving. Hope the girls get one this year.

mjnauert said...

man...this post reminds me of home. I havn't been deer hunting in I don't know how long. Deer, good food, tractors, and basements: aaah, North Dakota.