Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where has the week been going?

My week started with me winning my first blog giveaway!!! I am so excited. Thanks Pam Kitty Morning!

This is an antique oak planter I bought Sunday at an auction. It will look awesome once we refinish it. I can just see Boston ferns in it. If only I can keep them alive. I am hoping it will match the beams beside it once we take the old finish off.

Here is a wall hanging I am making for Rita. The loons on the bottom are for a second hanging.
My how time flies when you have so much to do. This is my backyard. Can you see the leaves Bentley and I have raked so far? There's plenty more to do. I will take any volunteers to help!

While in the backyard, I used some of the oak leaves to help protect the roots of my knock out roses. It's an elevated bed and I'm hoping this adds a little protection. Who would think the roses would still be blooming in the middle of November?

And then there's the first 9 pints of turnip kraut. The second crock is so full it bubbled over in the fermenting process. Good think BT chose to set it next to the drain in the basement. We are guessing there should be about 30 - 35 pints in that 6 gallon crock.

We tried a jar for dinner tonight with our country cured Burger ham. I first diced and cooked some butter golden new potatoes. I cooked them until the water started to thicken, then added the kraut and simmered it about 40 minutes. Yumo!

Another 2 days this week, I washed beams. Did you know the beams are 18 feet from the floor in all three bedrooms? That was a lot of ladder climbing. This picture is in our bedroom. I also made a new curtain for the half-circle window. The other two rooms have quarter windows. They received new curtains too.

Today was my shopping day. I took time out to stop by a tag sale. I arrived about 8 minutes before it opened. I was probably about #23 in line. At precisely 10:00 they opened the front door and took in 10 people. As one person would come out, 2 would go in. I found this sweet little porcelain pitcher for $3, a cane for $3, a plastic sewing box (with 6 cross-stitched blocks and thread) for $3. Add another buck for a swifter for the daughter and I was out of there in no time.
With all this work, I worked my regular job on Monday. Darn that reminds me, I have to work there tomorrow too. Shoot!
Tonight I made two huge pots of soup. Posole for one pot and chicken and rice for the other. I cheated and made a box cheese cake too. Tomorrow night is the beginning of "Deer Camp". The best part of camp, it's just 2 miles from home. So you may not hear much from me the next day or two. No I'm not a hunter, but I can keep busy while the guys are away playing!
60 degrees, 9:29PM

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Rita said...

Wow! The cabin looks great. Sorry to hear you're sick. Bob and I both just got over a cold/flu. Take care, Rita