Thursday, July 23, 2009

The championship game

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. . . .

I forgot to take the camera to the game. The game started off with a not so good start. By the third inning, our team was losing 15 to 1.

By the end of the game the little guys had played their best. However they lost 25 to 12. It was a good comeback, just not enough.

If I'm lucky maybe the DIL will share a photo with me of the guys and their medals!


Sara said...

I hate when I forget the camera!

Good for them for making it to the championships anyway! And it sounds like they played their hearts out. Very exciting!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Great comeback! Sorry to hear they didn't win the championship, but just to be involved in it was an honor I'm sure. Sounds like a bunch of hard working little fellas! -tammy

Mel said...

tisk, tisk! Where the blogger goest, so shall the camera goest! I forget which commandment it is, but you did violate!

Glad the boys had a fun time anyway!