Sunday, July 19, 2009

St Stanislaus Quilts

As you already know from yesterday's post, today was the church picnic. If you missed it, it had the best fried chicken ever! I ate three pieces just to prove it. I picked up what I thought was cherry pie. It turned out to be rhubarb and strawberry and was excellent!
We ate about 3 o'clock and afterwards mingled through the crowd visiting. The quilt auction was to start at 5:00, it was a little late getting started but Father Greg told us it was due to technical difficulties.
I snapped a few pictures (imagine that) and I will show you a few and what they sold for.
Star wedding ring. One of my favorites. It was paper pieced I was told. It measured 87 x 106 and sold for $575.00.

This was a darling embroidered ABC baby quilt. It was a little larger then I usually make, it was 42 x 65. Sold for $140.

Whirling Hexagons and it measured 90 x 112 and it went for $700.00

This was the last one to sell and was absolutely beautiful in shades of Ivory and green. It is called Tear drop and featured yo-yo's. 91 x 102 $1000.00

Another of my favorites. Nine patch Star, it looked vintage in reda, and shades of blue and tan. 94 x 114 $500.00

First I want to show you a close up of Midnight star. It is quilted with gold thread. Very daring on black fabric. Very impressive!

Midnight Star 105 x 110 sold for $1025.00

Log cabin in round 104 x 112 $700.00

Courthouse steps. This is a lot of piecing. 100 x 114 and it sold for $775.00

This is called Chrysalis Star. It was done in Burgundy's, green's and mauve's. 98 x 110 $675.00

I'm pretty sure I've seen this pattern before. It's is called Broken Dish. 96 x 111 $550.00

This is the top that was hand pieced by my late Aunt Faye. I donated the top to the sodality and the ladies hand quilted it. 92 x 106. It sold for $525. I was very pleased with what it brought. Aunt Faye would be tickled pink!

They called this one Aspen Rail. 100 x 114 $475.00
There were 34 items on the auction, including a Christmas tree skirt, 2 lace tablecloths, a grandfather clock and a lead crystal punch bowl. Nothing went for under $50.

I always look forward to the quilt auction.


Lindah said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilts!

Mel said...

WOW! Beautiful quilts and great fund raising! The embroidered ABC quilt was a steal!

Zoey said...

What fun to see all these beautiful quilts. I was amazed at all the hand quilting. I didn't think that many people did it anymore. I saw a couple that looked machine quilted. Were there some or did my eyes deceive me?

OsageBluffquilter said...

I believe the black one, "Midnight" was machine quilted. Most of them are hand quilted by the church ladies!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Those quilts are just beautiful! Hey! I missed the part where they were serving fried chicken... my favorite! -Tammy

Sara said...

You have such excellent goings-on out there.
Church ladies pretty much rock at stuff. From fried chicken to quilting.

Jackie said...

Beautiful quilts. Love the Whirling Hexagons.

Mmmm...fried chicken!

Happy Monday!

Sarah said...

Wow, they made a lot of money!

Brandi said...

I am in quilt heaven. . . gorgeous!