Friday, July 3, 2009

The fourth of July! Isn't it all about the kids and their fireworks?
We were invited over to the grand kids house the day before the 4th.
(Bigger fireworks for the area are scheduled for later).
Here's a few pictures I took before darkness set in.
Elizabeth watched them for the first time.
Her Mom was proud of how well she handled the noise.

The little ones had their chairs all lined up ready for the show.

3 of them got in on smoke balls!

I forgot the terrible odor those things burn off.
Hope you all had as much fun as these kids did.


Mel said...

Oh, yes snakes!! My mother hated them for the black residue they left on the driveway!

Happy 4th to you and your family!!

Sara said...

Gotta do the snakes!

We were just reminiscing about changing a poopy diaper in the back of the car during one fireworks display not so many years ago. Not exactly sorry we're past that point!

Happy 4th!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Such cute pictures! Happy 4th to y'all! -T&P