Saturday, July 18, 2009

Preparaing for St Stanislaus picnic 2009

Through these doors is one of the most beautiful churches. It was built in 1883.

The inside is graced with beautiful limestone pillars, and beautiful stained glass windows.

We were married in this church over 39 years ago. BT has attended it since he was 5 years old.

Today is preparation for our annual July picnic. Normally it's the hottest weekend of the month. Fortunately this weekend it's the coolest in years.
72 degrees was probably our high today.

We were on the 2nd work shift to roast beef. That meant 4 hours from 10 am until 2pm, washing, cutting, salting and roasting the beef.

BT snapped this picture of me in my church lady apron I won from Marlene at . . . stitching by the lake during her "pay if forward" give away. Church lady apron, very fitting I thought!

BT and Tim (a co-worker both at the office and here today at picnic work day) are washing and cutting the beef.

When the beef is almost finished cooking, we add french onion soup to it. It then browns for another 10 or 15 minutes. We spread out on big baking sheets to cool.

After cooling it's packed into foil lined boxes.

This time there were 31 boxes weighing 57 to 61 lbs each. That's somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800 lbs of beef. And don't forgot tomorrow there will be fried chicken to add to that menu.

And this is just a small portion of the broth that will be made into gravy tomorrow.

Meet Cheryl. Cheryl is the school cook. Cheryl is very good at what she does. But somewhere, some how, there was an error made today when the cooks made the dough for cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon rolls are a big hit at the country store. They are sold after all three masses also.

The mistake made today was, somebody doubled the recipe in error. And boy did they make cinnamon rolls. It was estimated at about 2000 cinnamon rolls. They ended up making some into hot rolls, and even bread.

Here is just a portion of what was made.

And more. . .

The dining hall is all set up so we hope you can join us tomorrow.

Y'all come


Flat Creek Farm said...

Those cinnamon rolls are reeling me in. Yummm!! The church is beautiful, and I sure do love that church lady apron. After all that work, enjoy the food and fellowship! -tw

Lindah said...

That looks like a lottttta food! And work! How many people do you expect? Do they eat in shifts, or spill over out on the lawn, or...?

Zoey said...

Wow, that's cooking on a massive scale! (and I thought I did a lot of cooking on Saturday) :)

You looked so cute in your church lady apron.

Thanks for giving us the behind-the-scenes look.

Sara said...

You are rockin' that apron!

That was really fascinating. And a crazy amount of food. I bet it is delicious. Mmmmmmm.