Saturday, July 25, 2009

The one arm typist . . . after the skating party

Today was Brady's 8th birthday party. He decided to have a roller skating party.

Here he is skating with one of his classmates.

Grandpa is getting little brother Alex started first on the carpet.

Grandpa and Aunt Sarah lace up.

Cousins Brooke and Bailey take a turn around the rink.

Then Grandma here decided she can do it too. Never mind it's been years since I was on wheels.

Then Grandpa took a fall.

Time for cake.

Then time for ice. ICE. Yes Grandma took a fall. Of course it had to be my left arm, since I'm left handed. My Mom is giving me the sympathy look! HELP me!

So after the skating party, bum arm and all we went for Mexican. Even Elizabeth was ready for a Margarita. I really was!

I'll live with the pain for a day or two. The doctor should be in Monday if I need him.



Flat Creek Farm said...

Patti, so sorry about your arm. Hope it's better today. I am a roller skating flunkie. I never did master it and suffered thru many embarrasing "skating parties" (not a party for ME!). I even still have a pair of my own roller skates that I tried to practice with at home. Didn't help! Ok, now that I've shared all that... I really do hope your arm is okay!! I also enjoyed the picture of BT 'doing the limbo' ;-) Happy Birthday, Brady! -Tammy

Mel said...

I loved skating parties when I was a kid - don't think I'd dare try now!!

Hope your arm gets better soon!!

Sara said...

Oh! Sorry about your arm! I hope Elizabeth shared the margarita with you.
Aside from the falling down part, that had to have been a blast! I love roller skating.