Thursday, September 17, 2009

Christmas shopping in September???

I am so glad Elizabeth who is almost 6 months old can't use the internet yet. Because if she could she would see what Grandma bought her today for her first Christmas present. It looks just like Lizzie with the blue eyes, no hair, and a headband.

I am excited to make her, her first baby doll quilt. After that I can make baby doll clothes. I still have the original doll clothes pattern my Mother used to make the ones for my doll.

This was my first Christmas present I've purchased this year. Many more to go . . .

The rest of my shopping didn't go well today. I was wanting two shirts to matches work pants. Either I wasn't in the mood or I was too picky. Oh well as my friend Kathy says, bad shopping day equals money saved!

But the good news is I did finally manage a hair cut!


Becky said...

love the baby doll. Hubs went to seven Targets in the last two days looking for the last 6 inch High School musical doll, Ryan, so that we could give Tori the entire set. She already knows about it, but they both know most of their presents...they picked them out.

Zoey said...

oh, what fun you will be having making doll quilts and doll clothes. I used to make a lot of Barbie clothes. Maybe Elizabeth will like Barbie dolls when she gets older. I think those clothes are fun to make.

I bet it will be a fun Christmas at your house this year!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh my goodness, Grandma is gonna have such fun sewing all the girlie stuff! I can just imagine. Cute baby doll. Most shopping days for me are bad. Ha. Guess that's why I prefer the internet mall :) -Tammy

Tipper said...

I bet she loves baby dolls as much as my girls did. It does look like her too : )

Loved the Grandparents day post-I like it when schools do that!